Jen (_steamysex) wrote,

if youve NEVER heard bic runga "sway" i seriously suggest you download it, or buy the american pie cd, i dont think she ever came out with a cd because ive never came across it. i havent heard this song in awhile, but when i was at olgas with megan, i heard it, it made me sad :( it reminded me of chillin over jamies house laying in his bed with all the lights out on a summer night. i remember just pausing to imprint that memory into my head. i hate talking about my feelings towards guys in my journal, or even my 'relationships' with them, im not usually the girl who kisses & tells. some people i do tell, but not into details. when people have to pry they get so pissed, and have to ask me questions.. only my eyes give me away :/

god i wish it was summer so much. i want to open my window, open the blinds.. breathe it all in. shut my lights off, put my head phones on, and close my eyes. i want to go to the park with my buddies, take my flip flops off & play some barefoot basketball like i did last summer with jackie, tommy, and mike. i want to get my ass kicked in putt putt, but still manage to get the free game at the end, the very last hole. i want so much to just go up to dairy queen for my oreo blizzard, end up eating half of it because im so full. i miss the tank tops, halter tops, flip flops, addidas sandles, skirts, shorts, summer dresses, bikinis, tans, everything about it :(

im such a nerd right now.. lol. i eat, sleep, breath the summer. everything about it, not having it is killing me & almost killing my happiness. i need to go to marshall fields and pick up a few mosts: stilla perfume, jlos miami glow, ralph lauren perfume.. & some new hair products. also need to go to tiffanys buy a key ring for my keys. i need to get a new yellowcard cd, mine has been missing for about..7 or so months. really making me mad, i want my old cd back :(
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