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i'm very upset, mainly because of school and afraid of my future and what not.

on the bright side: korn started recording yesterday, they bumped their schedule up by a week. i'm glad they're impatient to record.

i'm thinking of a new livejournal name, but i'm not sure what.

i'd like a hug :-/.
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In the mid-90s Nu-Metal was an exciting, emerging twist in modern rock music that promised to exchange the best ideas in rock and rap for a single - hybrid music that could expose each style's audience to the other. However, as the 90s gave way and the millennium changed, the second wave of Nu-Metal (NM2) got further away from its hip-hop roots and closer to the dark side of heavy metal. The genre is virtually dismissible, but can it come back from the edge of death?

The first wave of Nu-Metal (NM1) was a hybrid of rap and rock music pioneered by soon-to-be staples of the genera Korn, the Deftones and Rage Against the Machine. It was pioneering and new because, unlike the oft-noted collaborations between Run DMC and Aerosmith or between Public Enemy and Anthrax, the NM1 scene wasn't based on a rock musician pounding out the beats and the emcees simply rapping over the established record.

Rather, NM1 musicians familiar with the repertoire of hip-hop's percussion section transcribed and played those beats (especially the snare and high-hat parts) as rhythm on a detuned, overdriven electric guitar. Ergo, the importance of the riff, which itself had been so dominant in eighties rock, was largely missing.

As a result, Nu-Metal made the listener want to jump up and down rather than pump twin, clenched fists in the air. It was ultra-aggressive hip-hop, or it was modest, unassuming rock. Either way, it was crossing genres and exposing new listeners to the ideas inherent in the parent style's musical genotype.

There ended the exciting part. In the late 90s Nu-Metal got heavier and louder. Korn gave way to Limp Bizkit, to Taproot, then to Mudvayne. By the time Slipknot had entered the scene, the double-kick drum was back, the screaming was incessant, and virtually no rapping was taking place.

Whereas, visually, earlier bands projected an image of body piercing, seriously baggy clothes and short haircuts, the post-Slipknot NM2 had opted instead for tattoos, long hair and regular-fit, all black clothing. By 1999, things were again starting to look orthodox

Currently, NM2 bands like In Flames, Mushroom Head, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying and Soil have mostly elected to sing their choruses, but still scream every word of their verses. The guitars are heavily distorted, but the song structures imply hip-hop-like, jump-up-and-down, sing-along partying. Unlike NM1, they don't have DJ's, they do write abstract lyrics, and they even do a little soloing. As a result, NM2 is much closer to the heavy metal side of the spectrum than the hip-hop side.

Nu-Metal is dismissible and might as well be dead as a genre. Because once it crossed the line into sounding and acting more and more like heavy metal, it begged the question, "why not just listen to REAL heavy metal?" I know most people don't like Metal - but if you do, don't you like it ... sort of heavy? Metal is by its nature supposed to come across as aggressive, and the more aggressive, the better; when you relentlessly pound a double kick drum you're supposed to mean it.

The teenage mall core contingent may buoy FYE and Sam Goodie's bottom lines for now by purchasing bands like Static-X and Hatebreed, but they won't forever. Nu- Metal cannot continue to exist as a genre unless it tones down its act and gets back to its hip-hop roots. Otherwise it will be contending for the same audience that listens to Dying Fetus, Nile and Origin - an audience that likes its metal highly technical, exceptionally dark, grotesquely vicious and accepts absolutely nothing less.

My 2 Cents: I think this basically gives a good idea of what the term 'nu-metal' is turning out to be. New-Metal, according to this, is just anything post-80s metal, is what it seems like. bands that are minorly mainstream. NM1 is what korn is, obviously the rap-rock thing. NM2 as described here are just.. much more heavier, more intricate (unlike NM1/Funk Metal+rap-metal) and what lots of ppl call hardcore/metalcore.

Should Korn be blamed for the highly successful and highly criticized genre?
No. Simply put no. Although they pioneered the copied sounds (yes 2 sounds), they shouldn't be blamed. The 2 sounds i am talking about are: The Self-titled raw sound (Sepultra stole that sound on the "Roots" album), and then theres the "Follow The Leader" heavy ultra funk sound (Adema, Linkin Park). Then there are a few bands that combined the both, Slipknot who ended up being a huge marketing success. I wonder why. To me, it seems like bands end up copying korns albums, or just have really bad luck at releasing the albums before Korn. I go w/ the first idea. No matter what anyone says to me, "Korn fucking sucks", you know what? They're great song writers in their own way.

Korn - "?" // September 2005
^it'll be great, i know it.
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Korn Web Stats:
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dayummm. 933 so far today?!?!?!?!? i usually have about 300 around this time.
16,796 total visits this month, and more to come.
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wearing: pajamas, long sleeve

hair: my bed-hair faux hawk

make-up: none

eating/drinking: no. i wanna have pepsi

bag & what's in it: 2 text books, and tons of papers

thing last said: Souvenier of Sadness... im a dork. i got excited about the cd

should be: sleeping or praying

last website visited: www.kornweb.cjb.net

desktop picture: http://img215.exs.cx/img215/2659/desktop3307nv.jpg (what you think is porn, really is porn)

away message: last onei had was "leave a message"

current playlist on ipod: Korn - Follow The Leader (my cd/mp3 player)

did today: wokeup

doing tonight: 70s show

listening to: nothin

went to bed/woke up: 1130pm/5:55am.

currently reading: nothin

last tv: 1 min of that 70s show

last movie: mulholland drive

last person you called: my brother

last person who called you: duno

last mail received: myspace

last mail sent: blabbermouth.net about the new KORN song titles

last im: to kyle/synthetic disease "THXXXX"

i need: have a breath mint

looking forward to: new korn, school bein off

ate today: nothin

last thing(s) bought: pepsi

current annoyance: drowziness



guess what site got the new korn song titles? mine did.

"Liar", "Revolution", "Polotix", "Last Legal Drug" and "Souvenir of Sadness"

"When It Dies" is still expected on the CD