pointless entry? i think so.

wow, i havn't wrote in this thing in a while. i kinda missed it, sad to say. i know, i know, i'm pathetic.

today wasn't too shabby. i'm kind of irritated. you can never count of boys, or friends, for anything. i miss my bestfriend, as she moved to ohio, when apparently, it's for "lovers". that's definitely the lamest thing i've heard yet. i miss redbird alot. i'm pretty much lost without her. she always was there for me whenever i needed a good "venting" session. and now it seems like no one cares. my other bestfriend moved to cedar park, her parents hated me. i don't blame them. i havn't really talked to her much, i'm not allowed to call her. but life is good. pff, whatever.

boys seem to get lower and lower on my "hate" list. hmm, i wonder why? i surely can't be because of their stupidity, and lack of importance. especially this one boy. he treats me horrible, but i'm soo attached. did i just say something that makes NO sense? i think so... i hate boys, but i'm so attached. wow, i'm offically the idiot of the world.

this is a pretty pointless entry. sorry guys.
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could it be?

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don’t search around and look for the “coolest” book you can find. Do what’s actually next to you.

"You broke my heart, Patrick said, waving his fist, "now, i'm gonna break something of yours!"
hey, what can i say?
it's from a spongebob book.
and NO, it's not mine it's my dorky little brothers.

wow, how convient it is for me to be feeling the way i do,
and then to have this RANDOM thing be about breaking hearts.

could it be a sign?
i'm not very good with the whole "it could be a sign" thing.
cause i'm pretty oblivious and very arrogant to realize shit.
what do you guys think?

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crys cuteface told me i should keep up with my livejournal more.
so i thought, "hey! why not? sound's like a pretty cool idea!"

but, i admite.
I hate the way this nasty shit looks. haha
it's soo focking boring.
anyone wanna "jazz" it up for me?

i'd love you forever.

well, i don't know what to write about.
it's like 1:45 in the morning and i'm up talking to the MIGHTY crys cuteface herself.
we're classy.. yes yes indeed we are.

i'm going to the mae/days away/the academy is.. concert... tomorrow night.
well if you want to be anal about it
it's REALLY tonight. but, whatev. doesn't matter.

crys cuteface is about to show me a cute picture of this boy.
ekk, i'm pretty excited.

oh, and i talked to ray tonight.
we're gonna get married.
and we're gonna tell everyone about how we met at "the battle of the bands"
when I was freshman.. (shessh, i'm a junior already. that's terrifing.)

(random update!!!!:: i just saw the picture... this boy is very very attractive... ahh!!!)

back to ray. haha.
but were gonna tell everyone about how we meet at the BOTB
and that we're highschool sweethearts and what not. haha
he's going to texas state this fall.
he wants me to go with him.. of course that is, when i graduate.
silly kids.

well, i think this thing keeps going on forever.
if it was IN something, i would say that it's like a bottomless pit.
but it's not.

gosh, i think i'm tired. i can't really tell.
okay i'm out

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(no subject)

ABC's about me,
you had it coming.
i have to jazz things up. sorry loves.

A - Age you got your first kiss: 5- on the cheek under the slide at daycare
B - Band listening to right now: Underoath - A boy brushed in red... living in black and white.
C - Crush: a boy.. duh!
D - Dad's name: Lance
E - Easiest person to talk to: Dora, Spence, &&my faggot fart head<3. alex is pretty easy to talk to also.
F - Favorite band at the moment: oh man, the postal service?
G - Gummy worms or bears: worms..gosh!
H - Hometown: El Paso, Tx..
I - Instruments: my vocal cords. haha i'm so clever.
K - Kids: they're so cute. i work with them EVERYWHERE.
L - Longest car ride ever: Austin, Tx to Denver, Co
M - Mom's name: Dawn, she hates it. Soo, she changed it to Sam. Personally Dawn is much prettier but whatever. I'm gonna change my name.
N - Nickname[s]: Kat, Km, Kit Kat (gross), or Captain Fucking Obvious<3
O - One wish: I want to be __________. I bleeped it for a reason. I don't want anyone to know. so don't bother asking
P - Phobia[s]: Death, I am so incredibly scared of dying, or close one's dying.
Q - Quote: oh man.. i don't know.
R - Reason to smile: I wake up knowing that my friends and family love me. that's better than alot of people can say.
S - Song you sang last: Summer nights- Lil' Rob. it's not really rap. ekk. im so ashamed.
T - Time you woke up [today]: 1:30... alex was supposed to call after schooll... but DIDN'T. whore.
U - Unknown fact about me: oh shessh, i don't know.
V - Vegetable you hate: SQUASH and ESPARAGUS.
W - Worst habit(s): biting my nails. and trusting the wrong people.
X - X-rays you've had: my head... for my tumor and for my teeth.. you have to for braces. haha
Y - Yummy food: i don't know.
Z - Zodiac Sign: aquarius

I feel your heart against mine
So take a breath and close your eyes

gosh, he's so cute the way he talks.
and the way he use's those cute smily's online.
the way he can put a smile on my face at anytime.
the way he makes me all giddy.
but mainly the way he's so honest and true.</color>

x's &&o's--Katherine Marie

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you know, dont you hate it when you've been throught a SHIT time with boys.
and the whole trusting deal,
you come across that one guy who you think is amazing.
and it turns out it was a whole game...
you thought he liked you but he didnt...
its just my luck. this would ONLY happen to me.

i give up!

(no subject)

so the past 24 hours i have been sick. i went to the doctor and they told me i might have mono or strep... again. ACK. that cant happen. im on my vacation... im not supposed to get sick. well i feel much better now. im having yo take antibatic and some sort or steriod. i dont no why, but thats what i have to take.

i dont really know what to write....
i love love love love love love love you friends

i've lost it..

well i havn't posted in like FOREVER. so i thought i would. isn't that exciting.
i'm in louisiana now. yes, yes... very much fun.. haha yeah right. my whole dads side of the family is here. including the 7 yorkies my grandmother has.. i want to kill them.. i hate them all. haa
i missed katryns grad party along with alexias.. that bites.
well, i dont no what to write. i just got back from seeing Madagascar. with my cousins... FUN. its hilarious. i love it.

(no subject)

ugh, so i'm sitting here at Grant's house and were waiting for him to get ready and then him and I are going to my casa so i can straighten my hair for the meeting.. why? i don't know why. but if any of you saw me today at school you would know why I hate when my hair is curly. Ha.

Soo.. right now i'm just chillin in Grant's room talking online and listening to some wonderful music. haha THE POSTAL SERVICE... ahh. Heaven. I love em!!! What can I say?!?

today was completely a drag. In Dragonettes we worked with the Baby Rookies. That was fun. They're all sooo cute. Ha, and then Lee and Angie and I worked on something (can't say what cause a certain person reads this and yeahh. she can't know!!!) So that was fun. MJ is mad at me... cause i did a goof. ahah. and then I ate cookies. They were good. IPC was GAY.... as always. and French was just boring.. as usual.

ummm, but i'm out of here. Grant and I have some important business to take care off. HAHAHA... ask me later if you wanna no... well maybe i'll tell. Muahaha!


I hate Brandon!

is it mentally possible to hate someone so much but ONLY cause of how ridiculous you feel after spending that much time with that person?? cause if so, that would be my case. I cried myself to sleep last night. I hate the fact that it's been about a month and i'm still crying. I called Anna crying, and told her the convo Brandon and I had THROUGH Jenna, and then the comments his friend Evan had said to me. I remember talking to Erin, but I wasn't talking. I was just kinda rambling on about how I couldn't think straight, and how hurt I was after what was said. I explained to Anna everything. From having him having sex with Liz to the comment Evan gave me. I couldn't stop sobbing. Why do I still cry. Why did Brandon have to carve his home into my heart. I want to regret the day we met, and I want to forget about him... but, only so I don't feel like this. I can admite, I want to be friends.. but not with someone who has treated me as badly as he did.

Thus the fact that I probably won't be able to trust another guy for a while. Brandon broke my heart. He used me just as a trophy to hang on his counter as another sign of how many "hoes" he had. Anna told me that I shouldn't EVER be forced EVER again to open my heart to another guy. Wow, i'm so pitiful.

wise words from a good friend...

We hide because we want to be found. We walk away to see who will follow. We cry to see who will wipe away the tears, and we let our hearts get broken to see who will come and fix them.