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Adventures in abortion. [20 Jul 2010|08:56pm]
So at the clinic there's a cd player that plays music through the whole medical suite. Its usually jazz or Sade or something. I'm in the operating room with a patient waiting for the doctor to come in and the album chosen was Eric Clapton unplugged.

And you know what song came on to soothe three to four patients awaiting or recovering from their abortion?


..... :|

Luckily every room has a knob to switch off the music.
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[16 Mar 2010|05:53pm]
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I live in Atlantis. [21 Sep 2009|09:50pm]

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I also have to study for the LSAT at some point. [13 Aug 2009|11:37am]
LAA - 9:00 - 12:30 [volunteering with the immigration department of Latin American Association]
WORK - 2:00-6:00

HIST 3220 - 8:00-9:40 [U.S. in the 20th Century]
HIST 4310 - 10:00-11:40 [Georgia History]
HIST 4805 - 1:00-2:40 [Middle East and the Americas]
WORK - 3:00-6:00

LAA - 9:00-12:30
WORK - 2:00-4:00

HIST 3220 - 8:00-9:40
HIST 4310 - 10:00-11:40
HIST 4805 - 1:00-2:40
WORK - 3:00-4:30

LAA - 9:00-11:30
WORK - 1:00-5:30

LAA Spanish Class 9:30-12:30

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Detainee Hunger Strike in Louisiana

DETAINEES THREATEN HUNGER STRIKE: No somos animales. (We are not animals.)

As you know, last week, on Tuesday, July 7th, detainees held a day-long hunger strike to force ICE to intervene and improve conditions in the jail. In response, an ICE official at the jail dismissed the detainees request for a meeting, and castigated the detainees for wasting his time.

Detainees are now threatening a longer hunger-strike starting Tuesday in response to the severely dehumanizing detention standards and conditions in the jail. Given the historical lack of oversight, they are demanding that Dora Schriro herself visit the facility, meet with detainees outside of facility staff, and ensure completion and publication of the monitoring instruments included in the 2006 Detention Operations Manual. Dora Schriro is special advisor to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano on detention issues.


Detainees are using Spanish-language grievance forms (provided by the Workers Center) to voice their frustration about their circumstances and articulate the following demands:

Detainees face dehumanizing conditions and treatment in the jail. They want ICE to improve fundamental conditions and treatment; and raise standards of the jail to a level of decency. Detainees want all jails used by ICE to be held to high, legal standards. They demand ICE monitor whether jails follow the rules and transfer or release detainees from facilities that do not follow the rules.
Detainees lack access to basic legal information. Detainees are demanding regular access to fundamental information about the legal processes, including where their case is and their court dates. They also demand information about their rights, their legal defenses, and access to lawyers who can help them defend their cases.
People picked up by ICE disappear from their families without notice. Their families have no idea where they are, sometimes for weeks or months. Detainees face severe isolation and are utterly cut off from any communication with their families. The rural location and lack of translation capacity in the jail severely compound the detainees isolation. Detainees are demanding that ICE create a system that limits detention and, when necessary, provides detention with close and direct contact with family, friends, and community.
Detainees are trapped in an interminable process of deportations has no rules or deadlines. Detainees wait months after their court cases are completed to be deported. Detainees miss the death of parents, birth of children, and other fundamental human experiences while they await deportation in detention. Detainees want a quick, transparent system of deportation with rules that includes exceptions for humanitarian grounds.


On Friday, the New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice conducted a day-long fact-finding investigation. We conducted interviews with twenty- six detainees from seven countries. The meetings revealed that the jail in Basile fails to meet ICEs own detention standards, as well as any test of common decency.

The Basile detainee population consists predominantly of New Orleans reconstruction workers and immigrants detained after traffic stops in Nashville, Tennessee pursuant to its 287(g) agreement.

Detainees reported that they have no recourse for conditions that regularly violate ICEs own 2006 detention standards. Attached here is our report on the detention conditions at the facility. The report describes the conditions that push detainees to the limits of their physical and mental well-being:
Scarcity and inhumane conditions
Lack of access to fundamental information
Severe isolation
Non- transparent and inhumane system of deportation
Lack of responsible oversight by ICE

On Friday, we also shared the draft letter many of you signed in support of their request for a meeting with ICE and your general support of their courageous struggle for humane conditions in the facility. Our ability to convey your immediate support was critical to bolstering the detainees strength. After suffering such severe isolation, they were very moved and strengthened to learn that their fast had earned the recognition and support of groups across the country who share their commitment that future immigrant detainees should not face these same conditions.


Add your organization to the solidarity letter, which will be sent to DHS and ICE on Tuesday, supporting the workers demands.
Write a letter of solidarity to the detainees. Email your letter to us at New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice staff will deliver your letters to the detainees.

CONTACT SAKET SONI 504 881 6610 --
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CANTA Y NO LLORES [27 Jun 2009|03:55pm]
Hi livejournal I am bored. On Wednesday I went to the Mexico v Venezuela match and it was a lot of fun.

There were 51,000 attendees and I'd say 50,000 Mexicans. There was like no one cheering for Venezuela and their team really sucks. :(

This was when Mexico made the first goal (4-0)

And this was after the game outside

The train ride home was so much fun too. An older white dude all of the sudden busted out Cielito Lindo & the ENTIRE car joined in. It was beautiful to be in an ocean of Mexicanos & appreciators. :')
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Souljah boy tell em facts. [30 Mar 2009|08:20am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

This is from last year but omg new to me.

Then came Soulja Boy Tell Em. I asked him, "What historical figure do you most hate?" He was stumped. I said, "Others have said Hitler, bin Laden, the slave masters ..." He said, "Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we'd still be in Africa."

My jaw, at this point, was on the ground."We wouldn't be here," he continued, having no idea how far in it he'd stepped, "to get this ice and tattoos."

"I was like, 'What the hell kinda question is that, dawg?' And then the second question, he asked me…By this point I’m joking back and forth with him. ‘Cause like, I think I’m a funny dude. So I’m joking back and forth with the dude. Then the comment that I made, he really just took it and blew it out of context. I was being sarcastic. But I was being funny at the wrong place at the wrong time, and it came back and bit me in the ass. ‘Cause he took what I said and just blew it up and sent it to everybody. And it was just everywhere. And I was just like, 'Damn.' Well I messed up, ‘cause I told myself I wasn’t gonna do the interview with dude in the first place. ‘Cause I already knew what he was out for. He wasn’t out for no real interview. He was out for me to say something stupid so he can hurt me with [it]. And that’s what he did. So you know, it is what it is. Man, fuck Toure."

This is why our youth needs more history classes or their mama to tell them they tell shitty jokes.

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school school school school school [10 Mar 2009|08:49am]
[ mood | loved ]

Maymester: GEOG 1113 - Introduction to Landforms - MTWRF - 11:00-1:30
Lab: 1:45 - 4:15

7 wk: GEOG 1112 - Introduction to Weather and Climate - TR - 1:50 - 4:35
Lab: TR - 11:30 - 1:30

RELS 4483 - Contemporary Issues in Islamic Faith & Practice - MWF - 10:00-10:50
HIST 4760 - Central and Southern Africa - MW - 2:45-4:25
HIST 4815 - Palestine and the Modern Middle East - TR - 10:00-11:40
HIST 4805 - Middle East and the Americas - TR - 1:00-2:40

Maybe: RELS 4850 - Life of Muhammad - MW - 12:00-1:15


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jajaja jejeje [02 Mar 2009|08:02am]
[ mood | sick ]

I wish this stupid snow was melted. >:O
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My stomach hurts I don't want to teach ESL or dance bachata. [22 Feb 2009|11:46am]
[ mood | sick ]

Catholics win duhCollapse )
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Throw your money at good things. [15 Jan 2009|12:45pm]

This is my current little project.

Feel free to suggest organizations ok.

Bye. ^__^;;
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I have so much reading to do HALP. [13 Jan 2009|12:03pm]
Last night I stopped at the Park Place book store to return a book then walked 1.5 blocks to the bus stop and in that 3 minute time span realized I didn't have my wallet. I went back to the book store and it wasn't there. I go back around the block and it's nowhere. I call my mom crying and start going through my head how awful this is going to be to replace stuff and wondering how I'm going to get to school tomorrow, how I'm going to get in the building to go to work, how I'm going to get back to Gwinnett to get a new license, etc.

So I go to the police station and am just like "This is hopeless but I want to report my wallet missing." And someone, no joke, found my wallet outside of Woodruff Park, left everything in it, and took it to the GSU police station.

With all of the focus right now on Atlanta crime and how we're all getting shot, mugged, and kidnapped it was refreshing. :')
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CNN described it as "Pro-Hamas Rally" D: [04 Jan 2009|01:25pm]

INCLUDES VIDEO~*~*~Collapse )
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I like 2 read. [03 Jan 2009|01:41pm]
HELLO EVERYONE ^__^ Here is my list of books from last year. I got a lot of reading done *\o/*

BOOKS READ '08 PARTYCollapse )
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Muhzlimz. [09 Dec 2008|11:10am]
[ mood | bored ]

Hello this is my final response paper for Women in Islam and I would like to post it on the internet because I tend to have this conversation weekly. SO NOW I CAN JUST DIRECT THEM HERE. And I really had fun writing this :* Also I am going to disregard copyrights and post the Abu-Lughod article soon because omg it is so good.

The prompt was basically your friend in Philosophy comes up to you and says Muslim women are the most oppressed and silenced population on Earth, what do you say?

~*Whichever Door They Liketh*~


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comida. [10 Nov 2008|10:17am]
[ mood | have to pee ]

Tell me your favorite recipe that is fairly easy to make because I am a (hungry) new cook.

I don't eat eggplant, yellow squash (zucchini ok), or ham.

I know some of you are culinary artists please don't make me resort to Rachael Ray.

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milk and honey. [06 Nov 2008|09:13am]
This is an e-mail my old boss sent to all of her employees (my aunt still works there).

In view of the unfortunate results our our recent election for the highest office of our great country, I will be referring to the new "leader" of our nation as: Comrade Obama. I unlike other citizens have great respect for the office of the Presidency, so I will be respectfully referring to Barak Hussein Mohammed Obama as simply: Comrade.

I, however, have not decided upon an appropriate name for the Missus. I'll get back to you on that. But, I will select something fitting and proper as her racist and socialist views deserve.

Keep the faith. We are still the greatest nation in the world. God Bless America!!!



The tears of McCain supports taste like milk and honey.
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YALLA. VAMOS. [04 Nov 2008|09:30am]
[ mood | STOKED ]


I'm wearing an Obama shirt and this woman on the train gave me a black power fist and for a split second I was going to thumbs up back to her then I realized that's probably the dorkiest reply that I could have given. So I just smiled and nodded back.
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I hate other people in this computer lab. [31 Oct 2008|10:22am]
[ mood | grumpy/happy ]

This entry is dedicated to igiveyoumylife.

Here is an update on my happenings. As I stated in the last entry Efrain went back to Mexico to be with his wife & children I didn't know existed. This is after he said he didn't have time for a girlfriend because he had to play basketball everyday. In retrospect I'm like why not just tell me you have a wife instead of blaming basketball.

But then I started hanging with my friend's nephew Mario who is cuuuute. I'm giving him English lessons and I want to eat his little face off. He's only 21 too it's the first time in my life I've ever crushed on someone the same age as me.

My job at the library is fun but I am perpetually exhausted. It's ok though.

I don't think I am going to Egypt next year because frankly I am not that excited and would rather save my money for next December to make the Republica Dominicana trip become RD aaaaand Puerto Rico.

And btw If you live in New York don't forget I AM COMING IN DECEMBER >:O I'm scared all my friends will forget I exist since I don't have the internet to remind them with more of these pointless entries.

Also I wish people who ran off at the mouth about Muslimahs would at least learn some terminology.

Basically that girl in Chemistry class who doesn't talk because she is shy oppressed probably isn't wearing a burqa.
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There are some really creepy HIV ads [29 Sep 2008|09:50am]

It is soon to be AIDS walk time and as always I am participating. Usually I just volunteer and let raising money to fall to the side but I'd really like to at least fundraise $100 small-donations-Obama-style.

If you have an extra $5-10-whatever laying around please consider donating here: by clicking "Support Me!"

It is tax deductible and the proceeds go towards AID Atlanta who provide:

  • Intensive case management and social services in addition to access and referrals to medical
    care, medication and counseling, insurance assistance; housing mental health/substance abuse
    services; rental, mortgage & utility assistance; clothing, transportation assistance; peer
    counseling; family support; vocational rehab; food; support groups; clinical trials; and legal

  • Expanded access for women and children via collaborative inter-agency partnerships.

  • Primary healthcare for eligible HIV positive clients.

  • Discharge planning and post-release case management for HIV positive inmates is provided at
    the Atlanta City Jail and Detention Center, Fulton County Jail, and DeKalb County Jail.

  • The Testing and Counseling Program of AID Atlanta conducted over 4,000 HIV tests in 2007,
    with a positive result rate of 3-4%, demonstrating the ability to reach those most in need of
    services. All HIV tests are conducted using OraQuick Advance, allowing almost immediate
    delivery of test results and all newly diagnosed positive clients are provided information and
    referrals for obtaining appropriate care and assistance to begin understanding and managing their

    Thank you. ^__^
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via hungrymoon [10 Sep 2008|09:08pm]
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Stoning in Islam. [02 Sep 2008|09:18pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

In Women in Islam the other day someone asked the question about why punishment in the Qur'an is inflicted equally upon both genders but women seem to receive the brunt of punishment in modern day Islamic rulings. Obviously the underlying question to this was regarding the stoning of adulterers. Even as someone who studied the religion I've always had an immediate reaction to violent punishments within Islam and found the conversation to be really interesting. I don't know if you guys care but I am going to post about this anyway because whatever. It's Ramadan.

One thing I never knew was the original idea that while there are worldly punishments and repentance, the obvious punishment and repentance comes from your own dialogue and relationship with God. For instance, to receive the punishment of stoning for adultery you must either bear witness against yourself four times or have four witnesses to the act of penetration. Obviously the latter is pretty much impossible unless you're having sex in a park in broad day light and it was designed as pretty much impossible to keep private sin between yourself and God. And if you bear false witness, having not witnessed actual penetration, you are committing a sin and should be punished for slander. I just found the concept of worldly vs heavenly punishment to really alter my views about Islamic life during the Prophet. Particularly when mirrored against modern-day Arabia or Taliban controlled Afghanistan.

She also cited a hadith that I can't find her exact words under. I actually found two separate hadith that when combined form my teacher's.

So my teacher's version was that a woman came to the Prophet and said, "Punish me I have committed adultery and am with child." and the Prophet turned his face from her. She repeated herself three more times and each time he turned his face away to feign ignorance. Finally he said, "If you are certain you wish to receive the punishment of stoning then return after your child has been born." Her child was born and she immediately returned to Muhammad who told her, "If you are certain you wish to receive the Earthly punishment then return when you have fed and weaned your son." After her son was weaned she returned and Muhammad ordered her stoning. As his followers were stoning the woman they began to get verbally abusive against her which the Prophet called to cease saying, "This woman has more repentance to God in her heart than all of you combined."

the similar hadithsCollapse )

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I Hate Whatever Music You Like [26 Aug 2008|06:22pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

Thank you Michael Ian Black. Why didn't you write this 4 years ago? Either way, iawtp.


People ask me all the time “what kind of music I’m into.” I hate this question because what they’re really asking is, “Are you as cool as me?” I can answer right now. No. No I’m not. No, I’m not into that twee British act you read about it in Gravesitter or Thunderfuck or Quiznuts or whatever obscure music magazine you read. No, I didn’t go to the Bohemian Shithead concert the other night in Williamsburg. No, I’ve never heard of them, and no I don’t want you to burn me a CD of their “amazing new album.”

What’s on my iPod? Your dick.

Asking somebody what kind of music they’re into is exactly the same as asking them what their sign is, an attempt to discern something meaningful from the meaningless. What possible difference does it make? What are you going to learn from me if I tell you I like U2? That I’m into debt relief?

And there’s just no good answer. Turning the situation around, if I ask somebody the same question, here’s what I’m thinking based on their answer:

Jazz – douche bag
Classical – douche bag
Metal – douche bag
Country – douche bag
Rap – douche bag
Pop – douche bag
Classic Rock – douche bag
Christian Rock – douche bag
Alternative Rock – JUST LIKE ME!!!

Not that people generally answer in genres. They don’t. People just tell you whatever band they’re mildly interested in who they think you will think is cool. So they’ll say, “I’m really into Feist right now,” when what they’re really listening to is that kickin’ new Jonas Brothers jam.

Or else they’ll say, “I’m really eclectic?” For some reason, this sentence always ends in a question mark. “Eclectic?” And then, without prompting, they’ll tell you all the “eclectic” music they listen to, “I like Frank Sinatra and the Clash,” in a tone that suggests “Can you believe how CRAZY I am???” Douche bag.

And yet, I like Frank Sinatra. I like The Clash. I like jazz. I like pretty much all of the music I just made fun of other people for liking. Liking music does not a douche bag make. Being “into” music does. If you’re much older than an adolescent and you’re still keeping up with what’s going on in the Bristol scene or wherever the fuck, then you’re a douche bag. If you even know that Bristol has a scene then you’re one, too. If you are older than twenty years old and any part of your disposable income is going towards concert t-shirts, then you are a douche bag. Or even if you find yourself referring to any rock band’s “early work,” you’re treading on some very thin, very douchy ice.

When people ask me that question, I just tell them I don’t listen to music. If they ask me why I tell them I hate it because music killed my dad. That usually ends the conversation. But if they persist in asking how much can kill somebody, I just say that my dad was Amadeus. Then they understand.

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kekekekekekeke ARE YOU OUT THERE? [21 Aug 2008|05:43pm]
[ mood | productive ]

My classes are pretty good this semester. I am taking:

World History to 1500: this is boring but I've put off taking it for some reason. The teacher is really awkward but nice. We have to read Gilgamesh I don't even know what it's about.

Comparative Religions of Atlanta: I like this class a lot but I'm kind of disappointed. It's just a comparative religions survey course; there is no mention of Atlanta. I wanted to go on field trips. >:O

Women in Islam: There's only two boys in the class. The teacher is awesomeeee and I love that she teaches Islam from a more theological point of view. I loved Abbas last year but he focused so much more on history rather than philosophy. There are a lot of annoying people in the class but I have friends so we write mean notes about the annoying people. Because we are 14.

Comparative Policy Analysis of Health Care Systems: Great, hilarious teacher. However there is a group project/presentation and the group has to be FIVE PEOPLE. I'm actually completely over my public speaker phobia but the last thing I want to do is be in a group of four freshman. Because seriously.. there are only like 4 other non-Freshmen. The project itself is ok though. Each group does a 10 minute presentation on a foreign health care system. I want Cuba.

Model Arab League: omg we are Saudi Arabia. It's a good thing I'm over my public speaking terror because we're going to dominate the conferences. We got $$$, oil, human rights abuses, ties to terrorist organizations, ties to US corporations, YOU NAME IT.

btw this is my future husband. All of his songs are really positive although somewhat vapid. He has all of these cheesy love songs but even when he raps about sex it's not degradingly pornographic. idk I'm such a sucker for nonviolent, non-arrogant cholos.

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I actually never watch movies anymore. :( [11 Aug 2008|02:03pm]
[ mood | bored ]

1. Il Postino - 1994 - Michael Radford
We watched this at PLQ actually. I didn't like it because it made Pablo Neruda seem like a jerk. I mean, he probably was IRL but I don't want to think about it.

2. Wall-E - 2008 - Andrew Stanton
You know when things are so cute you kind of want to vomit on them? I wanted to vomit all over this movie. Great message, overwhelmingly beautiful animation, and the best love story of this decade. :') It's amazing that an animated film with such little dialogue could make such a huge impact. I was also in awe of how they were able to add such a distinct personality feature to Eve when she really didn't even have a face. I loved when she would get annoyed and be like WALL-E >:O Seriously though this lived up entirely to the hype. Beautiful. ♥

3. Hatchet - 2006 - Adam Green
I've noticed with horror parodies the beginning and the build up is hilarious, but as soon as there's any sort of action it loses something. I was cracking up throughout the entire first half but the second was just stupid and tried to take a serious turn. This was my complaint with.. I forgot the name of it. Where the guy is working on becoming a serial killer and some college film students document it. Hilarious then quickly tries to group itself together to be a ~serious feature.~

4. Mother of Tears - 2007 - Dario Argento
LOL ridiculous. Poor Asia. So beautiful yet so tragically untalented. 2.5/5.

5. Romero - 1989 - John Duigan
I really love biopics that aren't cheesy. Great adaptation of the life a reluctant archbishop turned saint of El Salvador. 5/5

6. My Flesh and Blood - 2003 - Jonathan Karsh
This documentary made me really uncomfortable tbh. It's about a woman who lives with twelve or thirteen special needs children she adopted and one able bodied daughter. At face value that is a very noble thing to do.. to adopt children who would otherwise rot in state custody or go back and forth between bio-parents that can't take care of them. On the other hand, she is clearly stressed to a breaking point, her house is falling apart and a mess (her family later went on Extreme Makeover Home Edition), and the older daughter is also about to lose her mind because she's expected to shoulder almost half the burden at 18. The mother relies on state funding which I'm not hating on. There is no way in hell you can work when there are thirteen kids at home that need constant physical attention. But then she doesn't have enough money to get one of her extremely, extremely angry sons that possibly tried to molest another daughter mental health? I don't know. I feel like it's more noble to know your limits than to just continue adopting more children that may not be able to receive the emotional care they need.

7. The Dark Knight - 2008 - Christopher Nolan
It was good. idk. I'm not losing my mind. Heath Ledger was siq in it though.

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I hate everyone on livejournal. [08 Aug 2008|12:28pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

I Hate Everyone on Livejournal Volume 1

Regarding the 8th Amendment: "It's against our constitution." "Like I care."

Follow up from the same person with an execution fetish So? They have no regard for life themselves and shot two dogs that were, by the owner's account, running away. Why should I have regard for the lives of people who do that shit to others?

wife beating and african a punk rock song
This song metaphorically compares spousal abuse and the slavery of Africans in the United States. HONORABLE MENTION to the comment: If you want to compare wives in Saudi Arabia, then sure, fine. That's chattel slavery.

Do you like Hilary Duff?

The girl from fatshionista who wants to dress up as a ~sexy Hester Prynne~ but deleted her post. Also made sweet jokes about smallpox/blankets.

idk I'm sure someone on lj has said something stupid about this but it makes me mad too

A British person made a stupid comment about how there's no film censorship in the UK unlike the US. And I was like oh really Video Act of 1984 and they still stuck to their guns. But I can't find the link.


This guy melts my heart thoughCollapse )

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REBELDES. [06 Aug 2008|12:20am]
Remember how I posted about that big metal show that went on Xela? Muchos gracias to Kate for video evidence of that fateful night :')

Oh she has more that she was keeping me from me. Here is when ~moshando~ got a little out of hand.

Guatemala holla indeed.
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There is a Christian remix of "Lean Like a Cholo" I wish I was kidding. [22 Jul 2008|04:44pm]
[ mood | headache ]

Today I was having a ~*lunch date*~ at Underground and this woman at the table next to us said to her friend, "I guess everyone forgets what language we speak here."

So I flicked a piece of BBQ in her bag when attentions were diverted. How rude.

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albums [13 Jul 2008|07:44pm]
This is to make sending music to Guatemala easier but I will upload music for all of my friends if you would like :*

MusicCollapse )
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Opening a durian is reminiscent of assisting a porcupine abortion. [30 Jun 2008|05:46pm]

NOM NOM NOM- sort of.
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