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Arcadia Fic: Be Careful With the Flame [Septimus/Thomasina, R]

Yes, I haven't written fic in over a year and yes, this is a bit pretentious and has some Latin in it and no, I don't know if it's appropriate to write fic for absolutely genius plays. But! I just saw the current Broadway revival of Arcadia -- the parentals bought us tickets for my graduation -- and it was brilliant and I re-read it and here you go: some Septimus/Thomasina, scenes from a very short, very lost romance.

Be Careful With the Flame

Arcadia (Tom Stoppard); Septimus/Thomasina; R; 2000 words
Septimus often chides Thomasina for being young, but in truth he is still in his salad days as well.


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is it worth the asthma

dw fic: our house

Hi! Um, it's been awhile. Tell me how things are, Internet! In the meantime, fic:

our house
doctor who; eleven/amy, amy/rory; pg; 1,200 words
so amy lets herself sink a little bit more into fairytale land, just for a moment. spoilers up to "victory of the daleks"

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is it worth the asthma

dw fic: engine turning over [ten/rose, pg-13]

There is probably something wrong with me because Doctor Who has taken over my brain and this is my second post-ep for "The Stolen Earth."

engine turning over
doctor who; ten/rose, donna, jack; pg-13; 1,200 words
it is quite a bit like dying, he's been told. two regenerations, with the fast-forward button on. spoilers for "the stolen earth."

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is it worth the asthma

We're the kings and queens of the dancehall craze

For stars_inthe_sky  - something about the (now not so recently released...) news about HP&co. PG, Harry, Hermione. Spoilers for Deathly Hallows, obvi.

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For misswritten  - "Doctor Who!!" PG, Ten/Martha. Spoilers for Last of the Time Lords

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And apologies for updating so many times today. I know I haven't done that in a few years...
is it worth the asthma

legally blonde fic: take a girl like you [emmett/elle, pg-13]

Lauren came down to see me a few weekends back and we saw Legally Blonde: The Musical(!) We were sort of surprised by how ridiculously fun and genuinely good it was... Anyway - fic!

take a girl like you
legally blonde; emmett/elle; pg-13; 2,650 words
growing up. she nods and he says, "i like different." musical 'verse, strictly speaking, but i borrowed elements from the movie and that's definitely enough background to read.

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