moving on

Hey kids. I'm moving! This journal, _starkiss, which I believe I've had for like four or five years now, will no longer be updated.

You will be able to find me at katreads, or at the good old book blog. My new journal is a reading journal only, where I'll be posting about what I read. I basically created it so that I can still participate on Livejournal in some book-related communities. I've grown tired of journaling about my life because a) not much happens, and b) I find it more interesting to think about something other than my daily routine. With me putting more energy into the blog, this place has been kind of neglected anyway.

I've been friends with some people on LJ for a long time and I'll be sad to leave that behind. Please feel free to add my new username, and I will of course add you back (the journal won't be locked anyway), but not everyone is as obsessed with reading as I am, so I'll understand if you don't follow me. It's been fun, anyway, and I hope to see everyone around.

pointless entry #98459843

Yeah. I haven't been posting much here because... I don't have much to say. I was looking for a job for a while, and then I got three at once, so now I have to quit two, or possibly one and a half. In any event, the lit blog I write is more active, but that's only if you can stomach my musings on Jane Eyre and the New York Times book blog. In any event, I'll be around this summer, probably more there than here. Such as.

or should i just....

I'm feeling the urge to write. I'm not working on anything in particular right now - I edited a bit of what I started for NaNo back in November, but I haven't had the energy to actually heed my own comments and make some changes. I want to start something new. This is what I do - start something and get totally into it, then let it sit for a while, lose interest and move on. The difference is that I haven't really wanted to start anything new in a while, and now I do. This is good.

I'm feeling the urge to write, to start something new and see where it takes me.
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the more i know, the less i understand

I am done exams! And at home in Toronto! Yee-haw! Although I still have a paper to finish and hand in by e-mail. I am working on that right now. Yes, I am not actually typing this, but am in fact making glorious insights into the poetry of Thomas Hardy. In case anyone asks.

OK, so I had the most stressful week of my life last week, and somehow got through it with a crippling migraine (the reason the essay isn't yet done) as the only side effect. Success! I've already started gorging myself on fiction for fun, which is wonderful because I haven't been able to do that in a long while. I bring you.... the whopping 8 books I've managed to read since January. What a pathetic number, and TWO of them were for school. Sheesh.

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Yeah, so probably no one cares about that, but I like to keep track.

it's the _____

It's crunch time! (I am so lame.) So basically I have not had a full night's sleep in three days and I STILL have three final papers to write and I also have five exams in one week and why am I still awake right now?

The next two weeks will be hell. I still don't have a summer job either. Added to a suddenly sketchy apartment Internet connection and I will probably be absent from this place for some time. Unless someone wants to proofread my papers on Herbert, Hardy, and Wordsworth.

I've been watching Oz while taking breaks and HOLY CRAP it is so amazing. Violent and weird, but great. Recommended!

LJ politics

Um, so there is a strike, or something? Google "LJ Strike" and you will find out all about it, I'm too lazy to link at the moment. Hey, it's Thursday evening on a long weekend, I AM EXHAUSTED, and going to eat/watch a marathon of ANTM/sleep as soon as I'm done here.

Anyway, so the LJ-bosses-in-charge want to get rid of Basic accounts and do other nefarious things. I have a Basic account and a) I can't afford to pay to keep up my tiny Internet journal, and b) I don't appreciate ads all over the place when I signed up with LJ precisely BECAUSE of the lack of ads. Strike starts 8pm Eastern, see you when it's over, I guess!

Oh and I don't really do this anymore, but I wanted to mention that I just posted a mammoth blog entry about Jane Austen over at that place where I blog. It's about Pride and Prejudice, more specifically.

Have a good long weekend!

no face, no name, no voice i know

New colours, because I am bored. I also need a new haircut, a new wardrobe, and a new life, not necessarily in that order. I think all this Victorian literature is getting to me.

I actually have nothing to say as per usual, just feel the urge to ramble somewhere or other. Crazy Roommate continues to be crazy. I'm starting a countdown to the end of this hellish semester. Not long now. Unfortunately, I still don't have a summer job, but let's not worry before we have to on that front, right?

I finally made it
I made a clean getaway...

For some reason that's what I want to do right now, get in a car and drive off somewhere with a suitcase. Start fresh. I can't drive and don't have a car, but details don't matter! Road trip!

I should go to bed.

buried in a snow drift


Seriously, I think it has been snowing here for three days. This is getting ridiculous. What if it never stops? At the back of my apartment is a little unshoveled courtyard thingie, which my room looks out onto, and the snow is halfway up my window! Granted, we're on the first floor, BUT STILL. That's like four feet of snow. Help me, please.

So it's the perfect weather to barricade myself inside with hot chocolate and finish all of my Kierkegaard and Romantic poetry readings, right? That explains why I've been watching America's Next Top Model all weekend.

living is the problem for me

This week I'm just... meh. I'm back at school, oh-so-wonderful as always (total sarcasm right there) and I just feel so lonely. It's all this snow that keeps falling, the heat that doesn't work in my apartment. I haven't been warm since October.

Oh god, here I go again. I can just tell that I'm about to embark upon a massive session of feeling sorry for myself. Can someone smack me and get me back to reality here? I have poetry to read and papers to write.

I really need something new to happen. My life is too structured: classes, home, studying. Some occasional apartment hunting. BORING.

I want to sleep for about a week and wake up to spring. And I really want to wear my new red shoes. ;)

"It's your gradual descent into a life you never meant..." <-- this song is amazing.
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a meaningless update

Last night my friend took me to see the Spice Girls concert here in Toronto. Oh my goodness. It was so much fun! OK, so they're the Spice Girls but man, that is the music of my childhood and that awkward age where you first start to appreciate music, and I LOVE THEM. Posh Spice is obviously the most fabulous person in the world. She wore sunglasses at one point and walked down the stage like it was a runway. She hardly did any singing, just stood there looking fierce. I loved it.

That's about all that's going on. I'm on my week-long break from school (THANK GOD) and I'm not doing a whole lot of anything. It's wonderful.
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