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Memiors of a Blake High student

Preformance, Unity, Pride!

4 December 1989
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Im pretty boring really, write stories and fanfics and poems. I'm a pretty good student and a decent friend (or so I hope). My dream is to become an English teacher and maybe a professional author.

Right now, is highschool and despite its down times I love it. Its just a big adventure leading to lots of experience in the end. The thing I probably like most about it though is the people. My friends. Vic, Liz, Ariel, Yara, Tom, Lexi, Beth, Liane, Gaby. They control the world for me and I love them all. If it werent for them I'd probably be really lost and that kinda scares me, that I dont know who I'd be with out their influences everyday.

Alot of my intrests could be considered kinda geeky, RENT the muscial, Dungeons and Dragons, almost any pen and paper RPG, and of course I cant leave out my twitchy Harry Potter obsession. I have a strang curiousity about all things, I'm basically your average geek.

Bry and Guy are Slashy Hockey Player Love