Friends Only

Comment to be added!

I love new friends, If you add me, I'll definitely add you back for sure! :]

I am a very nice person, albeit slightly weird at most times.

PlZ DoN't TyPe LyKe DiS AlL dA tYmE iT's AnNoYiNg 'Nd gIvEs MeH a HeAdAcHe

I'm horrible at commenting on entries. I do my best, but sometimes I have no clue what to say, so I don't say anything. Just know I do read EVERY journal entry that comes across my flist.♥

Also I can hours, days, weeks, sometimes months without posting anything. Usually because nothing interesting is happening in my life so I don't post. I try to post the more interesting things that happen, occasionally I'll make a random, rambling entry about something or I'll rant about something that you may find stupid, but to me it's annoying and I had to vent.

Also I like meme's a lot. So there are sometimes shit loads of them on here.

You add me, I add you, and Voila, we are LJ Friends!


I'm not...leaving Livejournal really, but I do have an account over at Dreamwidth that I'm still playing around with.

So if you have a Dreamwidth journal and would like to add me, go ahead!

Inception. JGL. Paradox

Holiday Cards! (Yes, already!)

prosodi reminded me.

Holiday cards! If you would like one, you know the drill. Comment here with your address and I'll send you one. I have no problems sending them internationally either. Comments are screened for your privacy♥

Oh and if I've sent you one before, you should probably give me your address again because chances are, I've lost it -____-;

And if you would like mine. I can message you it or something. :)