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Star Icons

making icons glamorous

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Welcome to Star Icons!

This is my personal icon journal. It is not a community, so I would love it if you would friend me, although my journal is not friends only. I normally do icons of pictures I like or my fandoms such as Pirates, LotR, HP, Lost, Narnia, etc. I love making icons, so I hope you love them too!


Comment: If you take an icon from my journal, please leave a comment under the entry that the icon was posted in. Do not leave me a comment tellin me you took an icon from a couple of entries ago. It's too confusing that way.

Credit: When you go to put the icon on your journal, there will be an option for "keywords". Somewhere in the "keywords" please put the words "_star_icons" or put an lj-cut to my journal. (<"lj user="_star_icons">).

Not Hotlinking or Editing: When you take an icon, please upload it to your own photobucket account or computer or other image hosting site. Also, if the icon does not have text or brushes, that does not mean that it is a base that you may take and edit. I do not make bases fro editing, so don't take them.



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Friend Me

If you choose to friend me or use my icons on another icon site, please copy and paste the code below into your userinfo or somewhere on your site.

Thank you!

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