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Twelve Angry Jurors

Anybody want to come and see Twelve Angry Jurors with me? It's at Bar Ilan, a play about a jury which needs to decide whether the accused should hang. Bar Ilan's a fun group - amateurish, but worth seeing, and their shows are quite cheap (20-25 shekels, possibly even less). First show was last night; I'll be going either tomorrow or Wednesday. Anybody want to come?
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Come, Do Much About Nothing!

Friends, Ladies, and Gentlepersons,

Merkaz HaMagshimim will be opening their production of Much Ado About Nothing tonight. 'tis a most excellent play, and 'tis a most marvellous company, with a most brilliant director, and so I recommend it more highly than a giraffe on stilts.

Rachel and I, and as many of mine loyal readers as I can possibly persuade, cajole, or blackmail, will be in attendence this coming Sunday, the 10th of the Merry Month of June, at 8 o'clock. Tickets are 50 shekels each; the Merkaz is right off of Emek Refaim in Jerusalem.

The full schedule, to those dasterdly fiends among you busy this Sunday but wise and cultured enough to be interested elsewhen, is as follows:

June 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20 – 8pm
June 15 (Friday) - Matinee – 12pm
June 22 (Friday) - Special Matinee and party – 11am

'twill be a blast. Please let me know if you can come - I'd love to see you :)
marquis d'nonchalant

Theater Heads Up

Jerusalem's Center Stage Theater is putting on a show this month called Stage Fright. It's a dark comedy by an excellent excellent director, so I am most definitely going to be in attendence. Any of y'all want to come with me?

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In other news, Beit Hillel are doing West Side Story towards the end of December. I've no particular plans to go, but if anybody else is interested, I can point them in the right direction, and it's just possible I might be open to persuasion.