_standback_ (_standback_) wrote,

New Lexicon game: "The Feast of Harmon's Fall"

A new Lexicon game's starting up, and I'll be taking part. Anybody else want to join in? I always have a lot of fun with these.

(Note to friends who have avoided my Lexicon fanboi speeches: a Lexicon game is a cool world-building / creative-writing game, where you fill in Wikipedia-like entries about the world, and weave your writing and ideas together with everybody else's in exciting, unexpected ways. Lots more detail over here; and for Hebrew speakers, my own explanation and comments on Lexicon games from the time I organized one as a contest.)

We'll be playing in the genre of low fantasy (that is, not epic/romantic fantasy), and the first round has an extra twist of being focused on the courses served at the feast. Here's the teaser text:

Being an account of the disastrous events of the 49th and final Feast of the Four Nations, in which the leaders of those great nations, representatives of sixteen lesser polities, as well as diverse additional persons of consequence consumed two hundred and twenty five courses over nine days, and during which hope and tranquility were lost.

You can join up at the game's site. And lemme know if you're interested, or want to hear more. :)

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