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People write awesome things on this "internet"

A couple of series of blog posts, currently in progress, that you might enjoy - one for Trekkies, the other on romance myths and unfortunate cliches.
For Trekkies, the ever-insightful Abigail Nussbaum is writing a series called "Let's See What's Out There," re-examining Star Trek: The Next Generation in retrospect and as a whole. She's got a lot of interesting things to say, most intriguingly the contrast between the show's apparent goals and what it actually accomplishes. She's at Part IV and counting. By the by, her last Trek retrospective, "Back Through The Wormhole," was absolutely brilliant in its observation of the many elements that made ST:DS9 the unique, epic, and extremely unusual show that it was. Highly recommended.

And for common curmudgeony, (Mette Ivie Harrison's in the middle of a fun series on destructive romance myths - the kind of cliches that make you want to collect all the Twilight fans in a big circle and make sure they actually have some idea of what a healthy relationship might look like. These entries aren't entirely groundbreaking, but they're a lot of fun to read (with optional grousing on the side!). Take a peek.

And tell me if you enjoyed, so I can mention these when next we meet :)

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