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Play! Play!

About Musings and Geekiness from Ross -2

Previous Entry Play! Play! Dec. 18th, 2010 @ 08:40 pm Next Entry
Ah, yes - that joyous time is now at hand!

I'm in a play. Not just any play, but Arthur Miller's The Crucible, only one of the best, darkest, and most powerful plays in modern theater. And not only am I in it, I've got the lead role.

So, you should really come see this.

Usually, I tell friends not to come see a play just because I'm in it. This show is different - it's a major enough role in a major enough play that if you're ever going to come to see me act, this would be the time for it. And, as opposed to my usual light-opera antics, this show is both very accessible (even to those who don't love 19th-century British satire...), and much more affordable. Also, it's an awesome play. Also, it's about the Salem Witch Trials! Really, you can hardly go wrong with witch trials.

When? Three shows in mid-January:
  • Sunday, 9/1/11 at 8:30pm

  • Monday, 10/1/11 at 8:30pm

  • Wednesday, 12/1/11 at 8:00pm
Where? Bar Ilan University, in Schleiffer hall.

How much? Tickets are 35 NIS if you pre-order, or 40 NIS at the door. Students and soldiers get a 5 NIS discount.

How do I order? If you have a PayPal account, or an American credit card, you can order tickets through the BIAS website. Tell me you ordered so I'll know when to look forward to seeing you.

The other option is to order through a cast member, i.e. me. The trick here is that preordered tickets have to be prepaid - so if you order through me, I'll be paying in advance with my money, and you can pay me back at the show (or elsewhen). So, if you want me to buy you a ticket, just write me an email, or call me up, and I'll work it out. You can switch nights after you've ordered - so if you know you're coming, but don't know which night yet, let me know, and I'll put you down for a switchable ticket.

Order early, order often - it makes me squee happily, it lets the troupe estimate numbers (we're considering a fourth performance), and it buys me (and you!) the eternal gratitude of our director, which is awesome.

See you there!

...or elsewhere; elsewhere's good too.
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