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לא אמרו לי, לא סיפרו לי: RPG Superstar - Cohesive Lemmings

About לא אמרו לי, לא סיפרו לי: RPG Superstar

Previous Entry לא אמרו לי, לא סיפרו לי: RPG Superstar Dec. 6th, 2010 @ 01:17 am Next Entry
For a change, this year I remembered the RPG Superstar contest early enough to enter. For anyone with any fondness for roleplaying, it's worth taking note of. Here's why: it's a top-notch contest.

I don't mean by that that all the entries are enthralling, or that I get particularly excited over creative new D&D stat blocks. The cool thing here is that the contest is aimed at finding new writers and game designers. That means that the judges are real heavy-hitters with real insight to share. That means contestants had better stick within word limit, or they won't cut it. That means combining creative challenges with refreshingly practical ones. And the total sum is that this is the most interesting, polished, professional contest out there.

So keep your eyes out. Browse past years, see if it looks like something that'll interest you. And if you want in - well, now's your chance.
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