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the new patrick wolf album may be my record of 2007.

it's gorgeous, classical composition with an electronic mindset and serious, lush, pretty songwriting that's almost overwhelming in its' ability to be immediately accessable and yet so. damn. dark. like plaid as children telling each other ghost tales...

(kinda what owen finalfantasyinmydad'sbasement WISHES he could do. go poo clouds and submit to win + regine's glockenspiel, ya fucktard. your music is nothing compared to this.)

plus, um, he's touring with sufjan?

holy shit. can you say prettyfest '07...

i think i have prettyfest '07 pretty (no pun) well plotted out:

patrick wolf (or p-wo, as i will henceforth call him), sufjan, tiga sontag....suggest any others?

and, in the meantime...

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and star_iv says i "never talk about music anymore".

you dont worry

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expedia corporate travel and your friendly neighborhood dems want to know...

Which Pelosi/Amos is the Amos/Pelosieresterester?


Assign each quote to their source of origin-either first female Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, or Tori Amos.

1)As a mother...I think 'lioness.' You come near the cubs, you're dead.

2)They exploited the loveliness of the American people, the devoutness of people of faith for a political end.

3)Anybody who's ever dealt with me knows not to mess with me.

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