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i have begun reading a copy of sharon lamb's "the trouble with blame", that was put into my possession years ago by someone who slips my mind.

mostly i've begun it because i've been hungry for something that'll speak to me in an academic way, that i can have dialogue with, without having to worry about plot or character or writing about it.

and, while i've never really seen the idea of "victim blame" as two-sided (character-based and situational/circumstantial), this book presents ONE thing to me:

that there genuinely ARE people who believe that they are fated, almost in a calvin sort of way, to have horrid things happen to them and then DO horrid things because of it...

i mean, i've discussed this in this journal before: the idea of being at the mercy of some "fate" thing. and i just don't believe in it.

maybe that's why i'm just smiling and nodding and drifiting off at this book...because i've worked, my entire life, to break myself of the mindset the book sets out to dismantle.

in case you aren't on feminist, what i asked to discuss over there is:

however, i feel as though something's grating against me, that i agree with and yet don't want to:

i've always fought against the idea of "victimization", because a LOT of times that term is thrown around both by the "victim" and society as a way of stripping someone's power...

however, is she REALLY saying that, at every turn, every person who has an act of malevolent violence done to them needs to take responsibility for *something*?

this goes against a LOT of what i've come to believe for others (not myself, however...oddly enough, this reading has caused me to realize i always hold myself accountable..and..to blame. despite screaming that "blame" is useless).