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you dont worry

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_stadtkind_ (9:53:42 AM): imagine
_stadtkind_ (9:53:45 AM): a kids party place
_stadtkind_ (9:53:47 AM): run by
_stadtkind_ (9:53:48 AM): kraftwerk.
_stadtkind_ (9:53:54 AM): partywerks!
drzachary (9:53:56 AM): i'd quit my job to work there
_stadtkind_ (9:54:06 AM): even if it was only minimum wage?
drzachary (9:54:15 AM): yeah
_stadtkind_ (9:54:43 AM): whoa.
_stadtkind_ (9:55:17 AM): the DEVO SKATE RINK
_stadtkind_ (9:58:06 AM): KATE BUSH CONCESSION STAND
_stadtkind_ (9:58:33 AM): kate bush concessions. isn't that what people who date me usually have to make?