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poetry like kittens

fuck the rest of the world:

i have MY new poet laureate (and i think there's complete hipster crossover potential here, kids, so fucking hold tight and steady):


tao lin is the voice and mind behind the awesomely cute reader of depressing books blog (which has a better name than your blog or my blog, and there's no denying that).

walking home in cold weather
--tao lin

give money to a homeless man
there is another homeless man
i give him money
there are two homeless people and i give them money
the street has snow
i cannot play; or build an igloo
there are enough homeless men to have a snowfight
i am not charismatic enough to organize a snowfight
it is january
it is raining not snowing
i am not a little boy afraid of sharks when gurgling salt water
i am detached from whatever i am about to think
inside my room i walk to my bed
i should have cartwheeled to it
i dream that people who get speeding tickets are irresponsible
i am detaching the cop's arm from his body
he was punching me in the face
i will kill anyone who hurts my emotions
'i will kill you!' i scream at a scared little boy
i will monitor his email for the rest of his life

(from the noo journal)

what i can't decide, though, is is his self-referential and seemingly intentional pathetic stance on life, the universe, and everything, a sort of post-modern acknowledgment of the common view of poetry, and his way of using the conceptions to express himself...or is it just twee?

judge further for yourself:

this emotion is a little e-book: a collection by tao lin