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ok let's just be out with it:

the more time passes since i finished "st lucy's home for girls raised by wolves", the more it

a)finds itself in all of my book-related conversations, both inside and outside the industry


b) becomes one of my favorite things i read this year.

i'm working on a piece on it for the work blog, which i'm hoping to finish tomorrow and will link to at that time...but, really, the magical realism and the fucking beauty of the writing, all wide-eyed and almost perversely innocent, like dolores-lo fingerpainting a faerie-tale, just keeps on kicking me in the throat as i scour through it to extract quotes.

badgers and snowfalls and alligators and day-glo crab exoskeletons and dead sisters and drowning and thievery and love and hate.

there's a party for the book in new york the night i land, but i doubt i'll make it in time.