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you dont worry

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i have decided i'm dressing like a low-rent early 80's siouxsie tomorrow, sans makeup.

a) because it's an outfit that's easy for me to grab from my closet

b) because oh, the humor...

also, i am watching this mtv show on which a girl, who already has a boyfriend, has her parents select two alternate boyfriends they prefer to her current beau. the girl then goes on individual dates with each of her parents' selections, while her parents and her current boyfriend watch (together) each date on television.

fuck i am glad i have cable.

_stadtkind_ (6:39:41 PM): while there are people who can not afford water?
_stadtkind_ (6:39:47 PM): i pay
_stadtkind_ (6:39:51 PM): so i can view things of this nature!
drzachary (6:40:08 PM): russ == marie antoinette
_stadtkind_ (6:40:50 PM): LET THEM EAT MUSIC TELEVISION