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this is something we choose to believe.

the paper chase show from tonight. is going down as one of my top 5 live musical experiences. it's fascinating to watch a band that has never made a "single", a band that creates 70 minute experiences in fear and terror and love and hate as albums, string together a set of songs from different records and ideas and places and times into an hour of just raw fucking ripping power.

sell your house, sell your car, sell your soul, indeed.

re-fucking born in that noise. that beautiful, beautiful fucking noise. so loud. so painful. so fucking AMAZING. i couldn't fucking breathe after.

more tomorrow. so tired.

the review from the paper chase community

so good to know i'm not alone. i can't believe for so much of this year music sounded so bad to me, so old, so uninspired, and then, now, connecting again with a band i'd put on the shelf....dear paper chase: that you for reminding me what's beautiful in noise and rage and terror.

fucking thank you. and um. we know where you sleep. we know.

let's organize before they rise

my paper chase review on stylus

i'm a bit unhappy in that some of my best stuff got spliced and edited(i call the opening guitar to the first song "sllit-your-throat calibre", and i'm kinda annoyed that's taken out, but w/e), but, as kurtis blow once said to richy, these are the breaks.

i know that quite a few of you find this band to be unpalatable(thought really only choyce has said "i really can't listen to them without getting a headache"). that's fine. you know that's part of the appeal to me. more of you haven't heard them, and to that i say start with "god bless your black heart".

you have absolutely NO idea how fucking THRILLED i am to FINALLY see them live tonight. the last album pulled me through some incredibly tough shit, and this one is a bit louder, a bit rougher.

t's hard to listen to, and it's raw, and it's powerful and it's haunting and it's just fucking AMAZING that there's a band that doesn't do two minute pop-punk whine jams, that actually crafts something that holds as a 70 minute album, talking about raging AGAINST ennui, raging AGAINST assimilation, raging AGAINST saying "life is just inevitable death" despite that being the truth.

you want music to save your life? this is shit to save your life. (i wrote that, too, and that was edited out).

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TONIGHT. 9ish. www.thedrunkenunicorn.net www.thepaperchaseband.com

"i don't know about you but i am at peace
i know what it is that i must do
i hope you are sitting down, dear
come hell or high water this sick world will know i was here."