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most amazingly frightening thing of the day, thus far:

not only are mcdonalds giving away toy hummers in their happy meals currently

but they have also begun a "global corporate responsibility" blog, in which they discuss, amongst other things, how awesome it is to turn your 7 year old into a dmb-listening khaki shorts wearing gas-guzzler-driving BRASKY asap.

for those who, like me, prefer to read all their news via the lj syndication feed, i went ahead and moved the "mcdonalds corporate responsibility blog" aka "big mac stylez" aka "how to succeed in poultry invention without even trying" aka "if meat doesn't come from actual animals present in nature is it really meat? discuss." rss feed into lj.


because, you know, if there's anyone who can teach us about fair labor and proper global ecological practices, it's the people who call a half-pound of chicken taffy fried in butterwater and smeared with cream grease "grilled chicken breast".

this is exhibit a of what i don't understand about meat-eaters.

and, i mean, as far as going green, saving the environment, YOU KNOW THAT WHOLE THING....fuck yeah hummers! oh ecosystem, you drunk.

i do not understand how utterly vile some human beings can be. fucking. hummers. in. a. happy. meal.

(check the joke at the door, thanks, i've already made it myself this morning.)

of particular interest is this post, where one of the labor-relations folks who works in the cushy office somewhere and has never had to SAY (much less use) "fry-o-lator" tries to rebrand the term "mcjob" as something positive.

um. yeah. because, i mean, THAT is your image problem right there. of everything you need to worry about, it's the impact DOUGLAS COUPLAND has had on the mcdonalds image. generation x? such a current book. i'm anxious to get my hands on that NEW coupland, btw. i think it's called "microserfs"......hey, anyone seen my apple performa?...