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vanessa redgrave and joan didion are doing a panel here on friday for the ny times arts-and-leisure weekend, and of course the fucking billion dollar tickets are sold out already, and it's one of the few events they aren't webcasting live.


it's funny, really, how i fucking HATED didion when i read her earlier, more journalistic stuff ("this isn't GONZO, it's god damn sunday school boring"), yet fell in love enough to give "slouching" another go after "year of magical thinking" was the best thing i read in 2005.

instead, lucy and i are going to go to kevin shay's reading at b&n astor place (ew ew ew b&n but the strand isn't doing shit for readings/events while i'm here). i haven't read his book (mostly because it's hard for me to get galleys right now, since the office JUST got set up and i havent told publishers where to send 'em), but i just may buy a copy...despite the fact that he's the man who stands next to the man

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