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temple of rex da dawg

_stadtkind_ (10:51:44 AM): do you currently now
_stadtkind_ (10:51:45 AM): or have you ever
_stadtkind_ (10:51:46 AM): minded
_stadtkind_ (10:51:48 AM): the theft of
_stadtkind_ (10:51:51 AM): doughy yeast loaves?
drzachary (10:55:12 AM): depends
drzachary(10:55:40 AM): if from the food-entry-points of those who live lavishly and flaunt their wealth in front of others
drzachary (10:55:42 AM): then no, i don't mind
_stadtkind_ (10:56:19 AM): suppose, though
_stadtkind_ (10:56:24 AM): these edibles
_stadtkind_ (10:56:26 AM): are spread out
_stadtkind_(10:56:29 AM): on a flat surface
_stadtkind_(10:56:33 AM): and those who are consuming them?
_stadtkind_(10:56:38 AM): have this food stuck in their throats
_stadtkind_ (10:56:40 AM): thereby
_stadtkind_ (10:56:43 AM): blocking air passage?
drzachary (10:57:53 AM): in this hypothetical scenario, would the agriculturally-inclined infant offspring of forced servants be laboring?
drzachary(10:58:15 AM): and would this flat surface you've mentioned be coated in a sanguinary fluid?
_stadtkind_ (10:58:23 AM): i believe so!
_stadtkind_ (10:58:27 AM): and the oddest part
_stadtkind_ (10:58:28 AM): is that
_stadtkind_ (10:58:30 AM): someone
_stadtkind_ (10:58:32 AM): while all this is going on?
_stadtkind_ (10:58:39 AM): is suffering from pains of mal-nutrition!
drzachary(10:58:58 AM): what an almost unbelievable irony!