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technology as nature

two things that are making me amazingly happy right now.

one is this:

the interpretive hypertext version of djuna barnes' "nightwood.

"nightwood" is my second favorite book ever (after, of course, "ulysses". although i find them to be both flips of the same coin, though people would always claim "nightwood" was lesser because, you know, barnes was female and therefore incapable of being as skilled a language-craftsperson as joyce), and playing through this site made me realize i think the music and book blog i'm setting up is going to have a similar theme.


10.000 Maniacs: Planned Obsolescence mp3

this song is the one that'll weird you kids out who are expecting "these are days" flowers-and-feminine hygiene products-era 10km. looped distortion caused by john lombardo swinging a microphone around natalie's head because she refused to get up from laying under the mixing console while singing her lyrics from her notebook during the recording session.

10.000 Maniacs: Scorpio Rising mp3

i used to put this on EVERY mixtape i made for relevantpink, back when we kids did that sort of thing. this is my favorite maniacs' song, next to the unplugged version of "Stockton Gala Days". this was their first "big" single, and there's a video of them performing it on a cable access show on which natalie refuses to face the camera. i bought "wishing chair" on vinyl just in the hopes of one day seeing kids dance to this. it's big, it's loud, and i love the final, apathetic "amaze me now...now." (make NO mistake, "amaze me now"? the ORIGINAL "make me care". seriously. )
also, why did no one ever tattoo "trust is the greatest human error" to their skin?

if you could calm or restrain it
for the sake of pity
save the pistol
save the cynic's tongue
save that cool white stare
and treat me to an honest face sometime.

amaze me now.


doesn't my grandmother look like she was in the that 10km album cover?