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thanks to dr. shlomo zelig for, always, pointing me to the grotesque foodstuffs:

MAYFIELD DAIRY birthday cake ice cream

maybe this is what she is having

i mean, look at her. poor b is like "oh shit, since jigga kicks my face in with his tims nightly, i hide my hurt in a bowl of buttercream". awww poor b, she's a survivorcakecream eater.

b'day cakecream? birthday bday?

HAPPY BDAY BEYONCE! HERE IS SOME TYPE II DIABETES, which we shall affectionately call "tha 'betes".

product description:

Sugar cookie flavored ice cream with a blue icing swirl and colored buttercream freckles

now everyone, in your best sawyer voice: HEY THERE BUTTERCREAM FRECKLES.