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so, quickly (quickly):

how do i feel, re: the u.s. elections yesterday, and the fact that the senate still can't be called?

we didn't WIN anything.

keep that in mind.

as huffington said yesterday, we just gained a helping ADULT. supervision for bush's last two years as head of the toolshed.

i'm a bit down-trodden that sonny did, but it wasn't for lack of trying. there was a moment last night where it actually appeared taylor MIGHT at least get some sort of edge, and the local news channel mused on the possibility of georgia becoming a blue state.

suffice to say, that didn't occur.

i'm going to spend a good deal of time at work today researching and looking into the new dems in the house, and also finding out what my state technically stands for now, in the change-'d landscape.

i suggest, nay, encourage, everyone with a computer in front of them at any point today to take ten minutes (yes, you have ten minutes-skip a bathroom break, don't acknowledge the first person who crosses your path and don't send one txt message) to familiarize themselves with what this country is now.

i say this because the next time we all trudge to the polls en masse? it's going to be for a lot fucking more at stake, and we can't afford to be uninformed next time around.

--end soapbox

i am also hotly anticipating Bush waking up, rolling over, and saying "oh....fuck."

i just want to see bush show up to work today to see nancy pelosi (THAT'S RIGHT, KIDS, FEMALE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE) with her arms crossed, a smirk on her face, saying "oooooooh mister president, so NICE of you to join us!"

and oh. my. god. the today show is interviewing phyllis schlafly...and of course schlafly is CRITIQUING pelosi for being willing to leave the election day circus and run to her daughter, who is due to have a baby at any moment..... she just made the comment "you wouldn't see this lack of focus from a male speaker."

oh, fuck. we all know how fucking much i looooove phyllis schlafly.

anyway. before i make this even less focused than it is....

stewart/colbert last night=live and fucking AWESOME. i am hotly, hotly impressed with the way the colbert character reacted to the news the republicans had lost the house....i'm sure there's a youtube link somewhere...

oh wait there WON'T be because it's GOOTUBE. maybe now i will not get youtube links that crash my laptop.

(sorry, just annoyed that time named the invention of the year a site that made its' name off a fat kid filming himself with a light saber.)

i should say something about k-fed and spears, shouldn't i?

eh, fuck it, the day is young.