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things about the new bloc party album that i need to translate:

1) not only do i not know what "bloc party" sounds like, i don't really give two shits.


2) the new album is fucking beautiful.

two comments on 2):

a) all the jagged stuff (the first handful of songs) sounds like muted paper chase riffs-like they're less concerned with funkrockdanceifying their edges and instead choose to make them harsher, a la john congleton and co.


b) all the big, epic stuff (the rest of weekend in the city) could join together to make a near-perfect u2 e.p.

that's right, kids. you like u2, and you like big and epic and heartstring-tugging. put away your douchecuts and emote. i tried to tell y'all it was in last year, but people don't cry no more, all they do is this (where "this"=not really dancing but pretending to rave or just standing around and talking about shit that sounds like tiefschwarz).

bloc party is now, officially a "scaled these yelpy walls" band.

and i fucking love it. i'll listen to that OTHER album they did...someday. this shit is too dark and pretty and perfect for me right now to even begin to imagine diluting it.