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is it possible for me to do a single fucking thing in this city without emily sailers and amy ray?

_stadtkind_ (12:13:50 PM): can i do a single fucking thing
_stadtkind_ (12:13:52 PM): in this city
_stadtkind_ (12:13:55 PM): w/o the indigo girls
_stadtkind_ (12:13:57 PM): getting involved?
tehchoyce (12:14:00 PM): nope
_stadtkind_ (12:14:00 PM): imean for fucking real
tehchoyce (12:14:03 PM): they are stalking you
_stadtkind_ (12:14:04 PM): dude
_stadtkind_ (12:14:08 PM): this event
_stadtkind_ (12:14:11 PM): that i went to new york
_stadtkind_ (12:14:13 PM): to start putting together?
_stadtkind_ (12:14:15 PM): meeting today
_stadtkind_ (12:14:17 PM): and the city is like
_stadtkind_ (12:14:20 PM): WHAT IF WE OPEN IT
_stadtkind_ (12:14:24 PM): W AN INDIGO GIRLS SHOW AT EDDIES
_stadtkind_ (12:14:38 PM): it's like
_stadtkind_ (12:14:39 PM): uh...
_stadtkind_ (12:14:42 PM): uh..
_stadtkind_ (12:14:44 PM): o...kay?
tehchoyce (12:16:56 PM): its because they are paying off the city of decatur
_stadtkind_ (12:17:12 PM): they are like
_stadtkind_ (12:17:12 PM): HEY
_stadtkind_ (12:17:15 PM): PUT US IN EVERYTHIGN
_stadtkind_ (12:17:18 PM): uh, m'am?
_stadtkind_ (12:17:20 PM): this is a black pride fest
_stadtkind_ (12:17:22 PM): DONT CARE
_stadtkind_ (12:17:23 PM): WANNA SING
_stadtkind_ (12:17:38 PM): BROUGHT MY GUITAR
_stadtkind_ (12:17:41 PM): oh of course you did

also, the new damon project, the good the bad and the queen, is better/less dumb and silly and spoofy than gorillaz, who were better than blur. of course, they were all different bands set to accomplish different things, but i think the good the bad etc is a bunch of looped, deep, dubby sounds that are really really dark and compelling to me at this moment.

basically damon finally made a real band with real stuff. i did like demon days, but it was kinda dumb at points. i think this may hold a place in my heart and my cd player for a bit.