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you dont worry

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two things.


dear lost:

running a promo as "IF YOU MISS THIS EPISODE, YOU WON'T KNOW WHAT EVERYONE'S TALKING ABOUT TOMORROW" only prompts those of us who have been, erm, ya know, WATCHING?, to say "yeah...they'll all be saying 'my GOD i can't fucking believe i watched lost AGAIN. total waste of an hour.' "




is a  fried chicken martini


and, finally,

amysedaris cooking

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thanks to dr. shlomo zelig for, always, pointing me to the grotesque foodstuffs:

MAYFIELD DAIRY birthday cake ice cream

maybe this is what she is having

i mean, look at her. poor b is like "oh shit, since jigga kicks my face in with his tims nightly, i hide my hurt in a bowl of buttercream". awww poor b, she's a survivorcakecream eater.

b'day cakecream? birthday bday?

HAPPY BDAY BEYONCE! HERE IS SOME TYPE II DIABETES, which we shall affectionately call "tha 'betes".

product description:

Sugar cookie flavored ice cream with a blue icing swirl and colored buttercream freckles

now everyone, in your best sawyer voice: HEY THERE BUTTERCREAM FRECKLES.
you dont worry

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as you all know, based on the rousing success of things such as butterwater and chicken taffy (see: tags), i am a huge fan of fake marketing.

or, rather, the creation and presentation of fake commodity.

i also love inventing really really bad motivational posters. i.e. "there is no "i" in teamwork, but there are quite a few in "you're fucking fired, jenkins"".

one of my favorite sites ever, that i accidentally uncovered via a publisher's weekly article