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stadt kind

(i could never fall for an empty page.)

eliminate what you can't repair
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Bio? Check the interests. Or, wait, actually-don't. Half of those are from when I was 16 and trying to appear awesome, and the other half I just added in an attempt to make myself seem super-ponderous, super-intelligent and, yeah, super-awesome. Plus, the 150-term limit has me sitting here, wringing my hands in an obsessive worry over what I may be leaving off.

Me: I'm "into" (so to speak) music, literature, art, design, marketing, publicity, and the interaction of all of it. I work in a marketing/public relations capacity in Decatur, GA. I'm a young 'un (the phrase "young professional" sets me aghast, mostly because it makes me think of 12 year olds in silver BMWs with gold-plated iPods, and I have none of that cool stuff-it just happens that I am young and have a profession) in a really old industry, and I vacillate from being 13 going on 80 to 50 going on 2. ADD, OCD, all the good stuff. I read a lot, I write a bit, I listen to a lot of music and I talk far more than I probably should.

boy: i think we should stop this.
girl: stop what? this?
boy: maybe.
girl: stop it? yeah.
boy: maybe. i don't know.
girl: was it because of europe?
boy: no. i just don't know why.
girl: you should stop smoking.
boy: why don't you stop...stop...
girl: you're right. it's not working.
boy: i don't know. you're really...you are pretty.
girl: you are, too.
boy: the meek shall inherit the earth.
girl: the meek don't want it.
boy: i like the new eurythmics song.
girl: it's the drugs, isn't it?
boy: do you want to go back to my room?
girl: what eurythmics song?
boy: was it because of who i slept with?
girl: no. yes. no.
boy: the meek don't want it? what?

-b.e.e., "the rules of attraction"

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