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eliminate what you can't repair

and that...

that was fucking amazing.

i was a rude fuck and, despite jane being in town, tore through harry potter in about six hours last night.

i am just going to put a few tossed-off thoughts which may be spoilerspotter seven:

set up in form and scope to mirror "the last battle", though "the last battle" was just an ape of various legends, but i think my point comes across.

also, though she didn't kill harry, as i once insisted she needed to in order for the series to take a place in literary fantasy history, it certainly stepped up above and beyond what i'd ever expected. the back-history of snape, and the death of dobby, both made me cry.

there's a part of me, the part that enjoys watching car wrecks, that wants to know exactly how everyone who assumed neville was "destined for greatness" or "going to do big things" feels now that he kinda...barely...had a role...in the endgame. he didn't kill bellatrix, he didn't up being something greater, something larger, than his initial place, despite the giant fanverse nearly dwarfing harry's that sprung up around his character.

in the end, a handful of things brought me true joy and pleasure from the last book-the fact the rowling, with careful wording, took a wink and a nod to the pre-release theories: ron appearing to die like 8 billion times, a bunch of father-son "fake left go right"s, dumbledore repeatedly being stated to BE DEAD.

ah, dumbledore. he wasn't purely benevolent, was he? and i think that...that's what brought me the most intellectual joy. the fact the rowling has created larger-than-life, fleshed-out characters of the sort that have been stripped, edited, chopped and neutered in the films (particularly with the last one). the films are setting themselves up to be fucked by picking and choosing what each director feels are the "important" characters.

but i digress. in the end, i think we all knew all along there was such a creation as HarryMort, or VoldePotter (i prefer the latter), and i passed out last night imagining what would have happened if draco had known exactly what power he could have commanded.

(yeah, fuck you, crabbecakes.)

the brief indulgence into fanfic as the afterward didn't bring me the joy it shouldve, i guess-ron and hermione? riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. she's way, way way too good for him-the sort of femmetellectual that finds the need to counterbalance herself by immersing her life in someone vastly similar, and yet a bit more macho. i seriously think hermione should have ended up with harry-she's akin to his mom, really, in the same ways he's like his dad (outgoing, proactive, with douchebag tendencies). harry's not my favorite character, and i don't think he's the most exciting character, but he proves that small people can do big things...

i'm curious about the notions of good and evil being muddled and relative that this (dumbledore, VoldePotter)will enable parents to initiate with their kids...please, for the fucking love of god, parents, take this opportunity. you have it.

so i trusted snape and got my heart hurt, mostly from the fact that he really, really was exactly what i'd hoped, despite having occasions through the first half of the book to believe otherwise. fuck you, rowling, and i love you-you made snape my favorite character, and you did it genuinely, by planting seeds from the get-go. with many plot-points throughout the series, each book ends up self-contained, in the about 100 pages into each of the seven books something happens akin to the following:

"harry", said dumblepants, "you know that in order to fight voldemort successfully, you must have the vas deferens of ontomomonopediastivaska".

"but where is that?" harry asked

dumblepants sighed. "i could...tell you", he whispered. "or...i could send you on a three hundred page quest to fucking find something, draw out the back story exposition via muddled clues, and have it turn out that you've had it all along in your got damn pocket, son."

this time, however-yeah, some of the hallows stuff was on-the-spot plot lengthening, but as a whole there wasn't any machines of god stuff created to come down from the heavens and resolve a plot point that we, as readers, never could have begun musing upon having been immersed in the last 6 books. that, in addition to the graying of morality, was the final book's way of conquering my overly-critical mind.

yeah. loved it. cried over dobby. wanna talk about it. hurry and finish.

and now...now i'm like a kid who ate all his halloween candy before halloween, or who opened all his xmas present on the night before, and now...doesn't know what to do while the day unfolds.

what. do. i. read. now?

also, in the mean-time, just fyi, cheney's president right now.
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