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eliminate what you can't repair

reminds me of somethin' oates used to say

this morning, i awoke obnoxiously early, especially given my still hung-over state from thursday night/friday morning, and headed to the hilton in grey, conference-center atlanta with zach for the last day of the AWP conference. i think i ran into stephen merritt (and i mean literally), and i could list off famous author x, y and z that i ran into, bla bla bla, but there's other places and other spaces for that.

instead? instead: zach was chatting with a friend of a friend, and i saw clutched, in her hand, a notecard promoting a book. i didn't catch the title, simply the cover art.

all it took was half a glance, and i barreled across the conference center to find the publisher, found them, and ambushed them with that pug-on-meth onslaught of excitergy that you're familiar with if you know me...to the point where i'm not sure the publisher knew who i was, or who i worked for, and just pressed the book into my hands to get me to go the fuck away.

regardless, this is mine now:

i'm going to read it this weekend, because i insist upon finishing "un lun dun" tonight-and i will admit, it's mostly for the cover painting (by julie inman, who also contributes a story to the anthology, which is a collection of updates and re-takes on the alice mythos) and inner photos which show a stockinged alice drinking, passing out on couches and playing with cats, and for the fact that the back blurb calls alice "the first postmodern heroine".

(the first postmodern heroin, however, was injected by lou reed, and made from poppyseeds and t-rex jism)

 i've come, in my older, much more jaded literary years, to roll my eyes at those who go off on glass-eyed "alice" tangents, because usually they get the whole damn story wrong, or just interpret the parts they see fit to suit whatever mood they're in at the time. however, i'll give this a go, simply because mod-alice kinda strikes my fancy, and because it's worth a shot. the collected authors aren't anyone to write home about per se, it's a gathering of gargoyle mag writers, and, on the whole, that's a decent group.

i tend to agree with oates, though:

i learned long ago
that being lewis carroll
was infintely more exciting
than being alice
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