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the babymaker

confessions of a carb-a-holic

confessions of a carb-a-holic
10 September 1981
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i co-maintain clothlove

If nothing else, I challenge you to find a way to replace ONE paper or disposable item
in your life with Reduced, Reusable, Recycled products.
ReusableBags is a great place to start!

Our Family is Perfectly Perfect

It's easy with great children; but, it's not all theirs or our fault.
We're excited to see how our family will change and grows with the anticpation of our 3rd child.

No matter how hard we work as parents to be supportive, encouraging
and loving - we couldn't do it without The Village,
they complete our family - no matter how near or far.

the journal.

if you don't like it, don't feel obligated to keep it on your friends list. no harm done. i do the same, not to be hurtful; but, because this space is mine and I like it how I like it.

I type faster than my brain thinks, and I edit too much at work to edit LJ. Thus, you will not read correct grammar. You won’t read anything really profound. Mostly, you’ll read about being a mom, TV shows, financial management or random crap that's mispelt and incomplete. Expect to see lots of shopping lists, pictures and reality TV reviews. Not because it's all that encompasses me; but, because it's usually what occurs to me when I'm ready for some personal entertainment and a brain dump. The reason most of this journal is friends only is because the idea of the whole world having access to my inner thoughts doesn’t appeal to me, it's not that I'm unfriendly.

Feel free to read more at our family journal.

the user.

I have a life partner (Matt, mccarry), a cat (Simon), the cutest preschooler known to man, Cole Jameson and a toddler, Finian Toth.

But, I’m constantly in search of finding and bettering myself, so things change. Right now, we all live in a house in Fairfax, VA; I work full time as a Government Contractor for ever-changing clients Contracts Manager for a small consulting firm. After dual-rolling as career woman and college student, I finally Graduated from Mason. But, now I'm dual-rolling as a career woman and super mom; fortunately for me, my wonderful husband took on the task of being a stay at home dad (SAHD) and does an amazing job at managing the day-to-day and child rearing so that the time I get with the boys is quality time. When I'm not being a mom, I’m addicted to pop culture, TV, board games, thrift shopping, people watching and human rights’ debates. Not to say I’m not a big fan of alcohol, strip clubs, poker nights or even an afternoon nap if the mood strikes.

the plan.

I want be happy. I know too many people that work hard and live hard but aren’t in love with their life. It's my goal to remain blissfully happy with my life and the love of it. I want our family to live in an environment surrounded by creativity and culture, right now that's Washington, DC with the abundance of museums and events. More importantly, I want my sons to be raised in an open-minded and progressive environment that doesn't think gays are less than straights or attend a school that forces prayer nor be forced to receit the pledge of allegiance - most of all, I want them to never be around people that tell them their family is going to hell because we think for ourselves.

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