I'm officially shutting down... I've outgrown and neglected this journal and the time has come.  Since I may want to come back and peruse it myself, I haven't deleted it - but if you find yourself no longer able to access this journal you now know why.

Thanks for being here when I needed it most.  I look forward to our continued friendship in other areas of life.

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Today’s been one of those days where I realized quite a few things have changed in my life and my journal needed to reflect them. I’ve updated my User Info page to include Finian. I’ve added a few friends who’ve peeped up out of the woodwork, as well as removed some people who appear to have been in a different place from me for a while. If you find this message and realize you’re a person whom this action has affected, I hope acceptance is something that comes easily to you.

If you enjoy reading about our family and want to keep abreast, I’d love for you to enjoy so at our family journal (

LJ amnesty day... sorry.

I've had a lot going on in my life lately and I've had to remove a few people from my list due to their uncomfortablity with my posts or because I just don't have the time to read my ever expanding friends page and I don't think it's fair to have people I find myself skimming.

It was hard for me, as I've been friends with a lot of you for a long time - but, I believe we've grown apart or were never there to begin with and I have to do what's right by my own journal.

I emplore you, if you feel the same way about me, to do the same today with no hard feelings - promise.

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Matthew Christopher McCarry and Stacy Rebecca Toth are thrilled to announce their legal union which wed them as husband and wife in a private ceremony on Friday, February 17th, 2006.

Prior to having children, we wanted to avoid marriage. But life changes, people change.
We had no way of knowing how we would feel in our situation until we were actually in it.
Our love for our children not only brought us more close as a family, but as partners, friends and lovers.

We hope to live a life of happiness by following our hearts and instincts as we did on Friday.
We plan to continue the fight to change the standards of marriage, just from within one.

We ask you join us in celebrating this joyous time in our lives by living your life where and how it moves you.

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I'm going through changes. I'm becoming a happier person. I've become a happy person.

I updated my journal to reflect that. After many years, people change. Journals change. Friends change.
If you've been cut, don't think of it that way. I'm only trying to revamp my journal to match my revamped life. Also, I hadn't heard from a lot of you in a while.

I had no intention of hurting your feelings, I apologize if I did. I just really want to focus on what's important to me and surround myself with like-minded individuals.

If you'd like to be added, or added back - let me know.