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ATTENTION: [PART TWO] [03 Jun 2004|03:16pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Just a reminder;

& c'est ca. If you miss this post AND the last one you obviously didn't read anyway :p


ANNOUNCEMENT [31 May 2004|10:09pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Right. Here's the deal. I'm bored, so I've made myself a new journal. monograph, because I'm bored to fuck with the username I have now. It's not much different. But oh well. Why monograph? I like the word.

The following who I know in person will be added straight away:

The rest of you have a choice. Comment on the other journal if you want to stay. I've you've been meaning to delete me for a while and haven't had the heart or something, then this is your chance to do so. If you have any reservations don't hesitate to do it. I will be deleting everyone from this friends list and adding ^^ in a second.


If you don't know how to do it, let me know..

friendly fascist [31 May 2004|10:10am]
[ mood | weird ]

As promised; the photos and such from yesterday. We went to this, the anti-bnp gig type thing in the uni.
The music, Badly Drawn Boy, Haven, Bloc Party and Rodney P and Skitz was there. The latter was insane. But I liked The Music, although I had a bit of a spazzy fainting moment near the end and had to run away. They really reminded me of the Mars Volta. Badly Drawn Boy was disappointing.
I went with, schlagen, macysdayparade, an_original_sin and deceptacon__.

the picturesCollapse )

That took me ages. Now to work and getting dressed.
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romanticise [22 May 2004|09:09am]
[ mood | awake ]

I want some new music. Because i'm in a bit of a Scissor Sisters/Zutons/Franz Ferdinand hole at the moment, as they are all that have been gracing my CD player for the last month or so.?

So, What will you be listening to this summer?

Don't care if you think i'll like it or not, i like 99.9% of music (Apart from the Von Bondies), post what you like. Even the people whose music i already know about.

PS: Look it's public too, so everyone can comment :p
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break it down [09 May 2004|04:09pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Guess who's just got their Leeds ticket? Moi that's who. I went halves with my mum.

In other news, in case my drunken post confused you, i had a wonderful night last night. Today i've tried to revise IT for the module test in the week, and done little bits of work. But mostly sat on my arse and done nothing. Ahem.

Tomorrow is gym and stuff. Eastenders is on, Janine getting arrested. Oooeer.
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Noone'll do this. I know many critics. [24 Jan 2004|05:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Please, read and follow the instructions.

Post anything that you want here, and post it anonymously. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love... anything. Make sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post as many times as you'd like. Then, put this in your LJ to see what others have to say.

I'd love it if a few people did this <3

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2003 x [28 Dec 2003|10:35pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Nicking the idea from Sam, i'm going to list the bands i've seen this year; (bold bands are from the leeds festival)

The Datsuns (2)
Polyphonic Spree
Interpol (2)
The Thrills (2)
Lucky 7
Placebo (2)
Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Something Corporate
Vegas Poets
All American Rejects
The Used
Hot Hot Heat
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Bowling for Soup
Ok Go
The Darkness
Evan Dando
The Futureheads
Junior Senior
The Libertines
The Kills
Black Rebel Motorcyle Club

Damien Rice
The Hiss
David Viner
David Bowie
Electric Six
Kid Symphony
Surfer Rosa

Woo; it's been.. well. A good great year, in which a lot of my friends, and me personally, i think, have done a fuckload of growing up.

Tomorrow i'm taking my 8yr old brother into town to spend his Christmas money or something. I'm also hitting the sales <3

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Sacré bleu! [01 May 2003|06:38pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Comment with your name, a secret, a confession, a love, a hate, something that makes you want to dance about the room and go :D. I like to know a little something about the person who is going to end up reading about the ins and outs of my strange little life.

I won't notice that you have added me, unless you comment here first. If i haven't added you in a couple of weeks or so, then sorry, I just don't think we'd get on. Please delete me as such. I don't hide my Friends Of list, quite honestly because i don't see why i should!

Yes my journal is yellow&purple&pink. However, it's nearly summer, so mucho yellow, it's also en vogue so i've heard. I post often (at least once a day) and randomly, and i love my digital camera, so post pictures all the time of silly things i come across. Oh yes, and my journal is Friends Only. Due to an internet concious parent, and some other people. Also, i do change my interests often, because i fall in love with new people, bands and things on a weekly basis. Although there are a certain few who will stay put for a long while.

As for me personally, i'm normal in lots of ways, i adore music, my friends, the usual. But i do have a tendancy to overthink things, and as a direct result i suppose i'm a little paranoid at times. But i like to think that i'm down to earth and honest. Many of the people on my list have turned into some of the most trustworthy people i know. This is why we <333 livejournal!

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