omg technology!

I've been suffering from useless computers my whole life, and now my parents finally realized it's about time I got a real one. Sooo they bought me a new, working computer, with lots of free space (unlike the petty 4GB I used to have) and a CD burner and stuff. Aaaand they also bout me a scanner! And I'm happy. However, I'll only get all the technology goodness by sunday, so untill then I made a to-do list, because I'm bored ^^



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That aside, I've watched episodes 96-99 of Tennis no Oujisama today, and it's still good. I love the crack episodes after the big matches XD

I've also watched the OVA of Level C, which is probably the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I felt noobish for being a yaoi fangirl and not watching an actual yaoi anime (Gravitation doesn't really count), so I had to check it out. And they had invisible cocks. O_o  I didn't really like the drawing style either. Any recommendations on a good yaoi series/movie?

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Started reading Death Note today, read three chapters by now and it looks good. My yaoi fangirl senses have already spotted the potential in Ryuuku X Raito, and I feel like it's gonna be lots of fun. Mm, monstrousity. ^^

I'm currently working on a big Kimblee/Archer drawing on canvas, and I'll make sure to take a picture of it and have someone scan it for me when it's done. (If I only had a scanner at home, this place would have been SO spammed with K/A love)

Nyaa, it's already around 2:30AM in here and I should really get some sleep, but watching FMA episodes over and over again is more fun :P

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I'm not dead! :O

Just.. don't really have anything to write, since I don't really do anything with my life XD

Buuuut, I DO have an anime life :3 I started watching tennis no oujisama a while ago, and I still keep raising the amout of episodes I watch per day, because it's addicting. (is currently in episode 90) And I can't believe I support a cannon like Inui X Kaidoh, but it would be a crime no to. Kabaji x Atobe or Akutsu x Taichi are more like it *_*
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I can't stop listening to the second OST of FMA now @.@ It's pure genius. I like it better than the first one, it's more..lively. The first one has too many calm tracks in it, but it's still very good though *kisses CD* I'm SO buying the second one. :O Greed and Dante's themes are too awsome.
Also, there's this track named emptiness.. I thought it would relate to Kimblee, but I don't recall hearing it when he was around.

I haven't downloaded Roy's song file yet, but I should. I can't imagine the guy singing. XD
I wish Barry had a song file. :gets chopped:
Or Archer. :gets shot:


I need to get myself some normal icons. And sleep. I wake myself up everyday at 5AM for some masoquistic reason.. O_o
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First entry

Yay :'D

Not much to say really.. Recently bought an FMA artbook, Ed keychain+pin and some stickers (got an Archer one ^O^). Lovely stuff :D
Heard the manga got licensed, and that the english version will be released in June. This is nice :D

Oh yeah, and the 2nd OST.. OMGWANT. The first one was (and still is) awsome, and the second should be even awsome-er. Dante's theme **

The world needs more Barry the Chopper fans. Barry the Chopper=perfect uke. :drools:
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