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Diamonds are forever... ♥

They won't leave in the night, have no fear that they might

29 December 1987
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Daniel Ryan Grabarkiewicz is love. :( RIP

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No one told me it was going to rain today,
I turn my face down from the sky,
Something broke inside my heart today,
Crippled dreams are never mentioned,
Broken things that never heal,
Mother said for me to give it time,
Tonight I cannot help but cry
I will hope for things unseen now,
One day my heart will be at peace.
I said I loved her and she knew it,
Whispered softly to the sky tonight,
She is warm and safe in Heaven,
In the loving arms of Jesus Christ.
♥ ♥
Busia, You are missed dearly. Rest In Peace.


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Hey! My name's Sarah and I'm 21 years old. I live in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan which is about 3 hours from where I grew up in Wyandotte, Michigan. I go to school at Central Michigan University and I live with my best friend in a really cute apartment. CMU is new to me so that is what a majority of my entries will contain. Also, I had foot surgery not too long ago so I talk about my foot a lot too. I love traveling. One of my favorite places to be is Boston, Massachusetts and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I don't have a boyfriend and I am no where near ready to settle down with a guy. Well, what are you waiting for? Add me! :D