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I just found myself back on LJ after having a memory moment while reading an old LJ comment while cleaning out my gmail...

It has been a long time.

Happy birthday!

Well, as some of you may know (and I hinted with tags in previous entries) ;) it was my birthday on the 15th. More importantly however, given the date, is the fact that it's my mother's birthday today!


And to celebrate, I give you the last summer without dreads ;) And my mom with really short hair! (It's quite long now)


Ah Lloyd Alexander

Bit of nostalagia as my friend sent me an email for my bday and wrote about Samus (the cat that grew fond of me at the Veghouse). After an extended period of time, she still licked my nose when I held her close :)

Reminded me of the bard Fflewdurr Flamm in the chronicles of Prydain. Don't know why.

This is me in a few years…

Let's take a step back from the spirituality that absorbs this man, and look at his killer beard.


I must admit, I am greatly enticed by growing a beard. All great thinkers have beards. Well all the anarchist or social justice-driven philosophers at least ;D [Yes I know this isn't factual] But my dutch genetics are IN THE WAY But hopefully in a few years, when I near the end of my twenties, it'll thicken up a bit…

Nevertheless, I make my case here [of how all great philosophers have beards]:

Friedrich Engels
Blackbeard I, Blackbeard II
Charles Darwin (despite being clean-shaven most of his life (in fact practically all but one year)
Dmitri Mendeleev

And the list go on and on… (Castro, Lincoln, Dostoevsky, Mithrandir)

But I can't grow one! Mind you, I can see myself growing this type of beard in 10 years. And more importantly, see myself in his shoes. Although living as a Nomad near Tibet would suit me just fine as well :)

Link: Jagannath Temple: Discriminately Rule by Government

Background knowledge
Arrived at this video after researching nomads, and came to the wikipedia article: Orissa [Orissa] which caught my eye at these two points:

Orissa has culinary tradition spanning centuries if not millennia. The kitchen of the famous Jagannath temple in Puri is reputed to be the largest in the world, with a thousand chefs, working around 752 wood-burning clay hearths called chulas, to feed over 10,000 people each day.

Puri to be one of the four holiest places (dhams) for hinduism. Orissa has therefore a syncretic mixture of the three dharmic religions as attested by the fact that the Jagannath Temple in Puri is considered to be holy by Hindus, buddhists and jains.

Lame, I know!

But my friend wanted to see my results… so I might as well post it, as it gave me LJ code to work with. It's pretty lame as it just picks the first highest score it sees, and in no way attempts to conglomeratize multiple strengths. From a personal viewpoint, I'd switch Purpose and Imagination.

Enjoy. … or not ;)

Your result for The Chakra Test...

The Passionate One

You have scored 100% Passion - Your dominant Chakra is the "Root or Red Chakra"

The "Root or Red Chakra" is where your sense of being and physicality originates from. It is located at the base of your spine. And this is the chakra which is most developed in you at this time.

If it is open, you feel grounded, stable and secure. You feel present in the here and now and connected to your physical body. You feel you have sufficient territory.

Depending on your percentage score, there is always more room for development. When this chakra is under-active and out of balance with your other chakras, you may become fearful or nervous. If it becomes over-active, you may find yourself being over materialistic and greedy and obsessed with being secure and resisting change.

What is most important is to find balance amongst all 7 chakras. Have a look at what percentages you scored on the others and work to increase their power and balance with each other.

Root Chakra: 100% Passion, Sacral(Spleen) Chakra: 100% Desire, Solar Plexus (Navel) Chakra: 65% Purpose, Heart Chakra: 100% Balance, Throat Chakra: 50% Expression, Third Eye Chakra: 100% Imagination and Crown Chakra: 100% Spirituality!

Take The Chakra Test
at HelloQuizzy

Freedom, like you wouldn't believe

Now that I've confirmed a passing grade in Cosmology (a fear that's kept me restless for a week), I feel an incredible sense (no, overwhelming sense) of freedom in my life. I already live a free life: free from social adjustments, free from embellishments and material goods. Free from every sense of what the world drives us to become. Its had its consequences, of course, including a lack of social outreach (then again I am an introvert) and becoming prone to ostracising (mainly pre-hs). But post third-year, I was never free to live my life. I am now done school and I never have that sense of urgency to study; to push aside life to accommodate endless assignments. Although math and physics is 'everything' that I find to be beautiful in this world (with music to act as it's complementary counterpart, or closure, in terms of mathspeak) it's only interesting to the point of studying, and not delving into the world of research. The drive was lost through an endless stream of pathetic (yet brilliant) professors. My decreasing motivation was heavily surpassed and succeeded by environmental activism. And with my calm, collective yet revolutionary mind, projected UW into the main circuit of environmental initiatives and UWSP into a progressive, dynamic and evolving ecosystem of sustainable volunteers and volunteering achievements.

Digressing, I can now do what I want without restrain. I can meditate with perfect harmony and peace. I can start projects (see previous entry) -- which I'm even more grateful for now, as my ability to guide the environmental movement in projects and activism was stripped away due to a decision-delegating student power who, despite being an extremely nice guy and a friend, is also a complete dumb-ass. An idealogical spirit with an inability to accomplish his aspirations is never a good thing. (Amusingly, I can (and mainly have already) achieved his aspirations, but he stripped my continuity, and thus the continuity of an entire student service, something he pledged to fix. HAH! Talk about irony) ;) His name will go down into a dark chapter of UWSP's history. Lest I work with him to fix it. Which I will, to some degree.

Digressing again...

Emerging from my own personal aspirations, comes the ability to post more on LJ. Albeit my sombre post about Imprint earlier, it empowered and trained me as a writer. I have a terrific eye for editing, and my writing has attained a new level of comprehension. Although I still have a few weaknesses (mainly speed and vocabulary) my written work, given enough time, is well above average (Slightly overshadowed by peers like Margaret, and those like her (Carla, Christine, Adam, etc.) whose writing abilities captivated me as a young and inexperienced writer, and still do today).

The speed issue was the primary deterrent to any attempts of creating a consistency in updating LJ, as I would have to write a post over a number of days. Which was not feasible given the harshness of physics and math (can I hear a 'hear hear' from any of you?) ;D

That said, I'm taking a notepad with me everywhere. And I will transform this LJ into an enlightening environment filled with posts of spirituality and philosophy. My greatest intrinsic strengths.

But that's after I cross off a lot more of those line-items in my last post. :)

On a related note: I have the house to myself for 2 weeks in the beginning of January. Soooooooo, if anyone wants to come over... ... ... feel free to ;) And expect a home-cooked meal ;) After all, visiting friends is something I placed as a line-item prior to my departure...


Next post ;)

Post UG checklist

An ever-updating checklist I need to accomplish within the next month:

1. Figure out food ideas for my vegan dinner and games night on Sunday
  - Cooked Tomato Lentil w/ spinach Soup (dash of curry), sauerkraut w/ mixed in mashed potatoes, nasi goreng (w/ tempeh), marinated tofu w/ friend vegetables all w/ peanut sauce (As a side-dish to the nasi goreng), fresh mixed salad with homegrown beets, apple crumble pie (made by Erin!)
2. cleanse facebook
  - upped privacy, removed 50+ "friends" (below 200), removed applications, updated profile, overall stripped it down
3. write uwsp service manual
4. fix uwsp website
5. fix Global website
6. finish catalogue
7. learn spanish
8. research permaculture
9. READ BOOKS other than math and physics
10. cleanse gmail
11. install ubuntu on my sister's laptop
12. fix dreads
13. make [lots of] bracelets
14. Visit friends (James/Niki, Aly, Aly, Meghann, Christine, Trish, Whitey, Aimee/Jasper, Dave/Kelly)
15. Set up linux server
16. Get new glasses
  - Changed my black "thick(er)" frame look for nice big brown ones :)