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Mary Reilly

How Could Anyone Guess?

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Character Profile

Name: Mary Reilly

From: Mary Reilly, the movie, and my own imagination.

Age: 20

Occupation: maid in the Vatican, helps in the library and with various cleaning duties; un-aware spy for Moriarty (in that she doesn't know he's evil.)

Description: Waist length red hair, brown eyes, frail-looking, but sturdy. She is wearing a black, long sleeved blouse with a black skirt, black stockings, and brown shoes, white appron. She wears a silver cross on a long chain under her clothes. She has animal bite scars along her throat and wrists.

Skills: Mary is a fast runner with a green thumb and a love of books. She's a surperb house keeper; sews and embroiders.

Weaknesses: Mary is human and, like all humans, can be killed rather easily. She has no skill in hiding and has a deep set fear of rats, as well as a slight case of claustrophobia.

Personality: Mary wants to help other people as she feels happiest when she's being useful. She's a quiet person and becomes completely immersed in her work, no matter what she's doing. No longer a timid mouse after living in Mr. Mansfield's household, Mary is confident in her abilities while still remaining respectful to her superiors and elders.

Brief History: Born in the East End to an alcoholic, abusive father, who tortured Mary for the first 6 years of her life, and an overworked mother, Mary was put into service at a young age. She began as a scullery maid, and was taught how to read by the Lady of the house. She was moved to various households until entering the home of one Joseph Mansfield.

Mr. Mansfield treated the young girl very well, regailing her with tales of magical artifacts and far off places. He never asked about her scars, which gained him her abiding trust, and he became to Mary the father she always wished she would have.

Last year Mr. Mansfield got Mary a post as a maid in the Vatican. through a friend of his, one Deacon Giovanni Stryzanza. As a Catholic and someone who had never travelled before Mary was ecstatic and knew just how to repay Mr. Mansfield's kindness. She would locate one object he had talked about with such fascination, a spear rumoured to be hidden inside the Vatican walls.....

For RPG purposes only. I do not own the movie Mary Reilly or the characters name.

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