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It's the pretty that makes them weep.

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Icon Love
External Services:
  • _sparkle_me@livejournal.com

*Before taking a creation that I have spent my time on, please leave a comment. Not only do I love getting feedback, but it's wrong to take something and claim it as your own.

*Please do not leave hate comments. If you don't like something, keep it to yourself. Constructive criticism is fine, as long as you don't flame me. Everyone has to learn and start somewhere.

++Brushes, textures, gradients, and caps credits++


* dearest
* cdg_brushes
* _joni
* shoegal_icons
* pixelated_art
* paine_09
* amottie86
* daisukicons


*Mint Tea Graphics
* colorfilter
* i_gration
* nisatomi
* any_otherday
* kenaree
* asya_17
* bombayicons
* darkangel_alone
* snowflakie06
* plumern
* miggy
* inxsomniax
* tinuviel1428
* iroka
* bombayicons
* alaskanicons


* oxoniensis
* crumblingwalls
* icon_whore_
* marx

Screen Caps

All screen caps are obtained from cap_it. Thank you to the many people who take the time to provide this service.

If you would like to be an affiliate, please leave a comment in the request post. To be an affiliate, you must:

* Have a current LiveJournal that is NOT private or friends only.
* Update at least once a month. Journals that are inactive after this amount of time will be removed from my affiliates list.
* Link back to me in your user info in your affiliates list.
You do not have to be an icon maker or icon community to become an affiliate.
Once we become affiliates, I will put a link here to your site, as well as a brief description.

1cons - A great place to find icons of all sorts.
strungout_icons - Great icons by the user for other people to enjoy.
a_little_murder - A CSI Role Play.
ga_icons - The best place on LJ to find icons from the hit show 'Grey's Anatomy'.
rpers_refuge - A non-structured role play of all fandoms.
cathgriss_love - A Catherine Willows and Gil Grissom shipper haven. Post icons, fic, and fanart.

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