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Inside the mind of _Spankz_

If only he had a mind left....

10 April
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accessory, anime, art, artz+pfusch, aslan faction, atari, aural blasphemy, badtz maru, bay area, berkeley, big boots, bondage, bondage a go go, bondage-a-go-go, california, christina ricci, clive barker, computer games, computers, config.sys, conservative, controversy, cyber, cyber fashion, cybergoth, dancers, danny elfman, david bowie, decode, decoded feeback, decoded feedback, devil doll, downtown san jose, e-craft, ebm, egyptology, electro, electronic music, exclipsect, fairuza balk, fake hair, fashion, fetish, fight club, freinds, front 242, front line assembly, funker vogt, gadgets, geek culture, goth, gravers, hackers, hair bands, hair extensions, haujobb, heavy metal, hip hop, horror movies, hot girls, hunter s. thompson, in strict confidence, industrial, industrial music, informatik, iszoloscope, kevin smith, kitties, klank, kmfdm, labyrinth, leather strip, live journal, lust, macintosh computers, macromedia, maleficent, manga, marilyn monroe, metal core, metalhead, metropolitan areas, models, money, motorcycles, movies, mp3s, mtv, negative format, neptunes, new york, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, noisex, old skool, performance art, performers, photography, photoshop, piercings, pixel art, pixels, powernoise, psychic tv, psyclon nine, punk, radiskull, raves, red bull, rivethead culture, rivetheads, rivets, rose mcgowan, san francisco, san jose, santa cruz, shitouttaluck, skinny puppy, soma, strong bad, suicide commando, supermodels, swear, synapscape, synthetic hair, synthetik hair, synthpop, tank girl, tarmvred, techno, technology, the fifth element, the matrix, throbbing gristle, tool, toys, trance, transformers, transplants, winterkalte, wumpscut