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Just figured I'd post something little. Life is good I am doing well and ALOT has chanced anyone interested in details can email me even if its just to say Hi and touch base. Miss most of ya, you know who you are and I hope all are well.
Till next time.... ta ta
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Cell Phone update

Ok, my cell is back on but PLEASE only call my cell after 9pm or on the weekends. If you need to get ahold of me earlier ask for my home number or get me online. I am getting it suspended again the 5th of next month so my home number will be needed anyhow.
Psycho Blonde

Vanishing act / No Cell Phone for the poor....

My cell just got disconnected. If you need to get ahold of me msg me or email me and I will give you my home number.

My account that I had you all as friends on exploded. This is a link to my new profile please re-add me to your friends again. K, thanx.

Sorry to those I made worry recently, fell into a major depression/pain hell hole. I am being dragged back to my feet slowly.
Please get ahold of me and help me get over this hell.

AIM: Rvthead11
Yahoo: spankz_rivethead
ICQ: 1860237
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Psycho Blonde


Breathing fresh new air, took a nice deep breath. What a relief. Tommorow is looking like its going to be a nice day.
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Psycho Blonde

Random post

Just wanted to poke in and say thiings are going alot better as of late. Alo have a little over a week old Brand new glasses, Ecko of course. Very Geek Chic. Should have pics of me in them up soon. Untill then you'll just have to see me in person to tell me how much you love them.
That is all for now.
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Today has been a good day, i didnt have to use my AK.
As of today I am one year closer to 30 than I ever wanted to be.
Thank you, drive through....