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_spankable_'s Journal

My regular journal is elsewhere on LJ; I'm using this one to work some stuff out in my head. The interests list will give you a good idea of what kind of stuff. This journal is most definitely an 18+ zone.
ageplay, alternative lifestyles, anal play, anal sex, bare bottoms, bdsm, beatings, begging, being a good girl, being a naughty girl, being beaten, being broken, being disciplined, being good, being marked, being naked, being naughty, being owned, being punished, being spanked, being tied up, belting, bit gags, blindfolds, bondage, boots, bottoms, butt plugs, canes, canings, catharsis, chains, cocks, cocksucking, collaring, collars, corner time, corporal punishment, correction, corsets, cp, crops, crying, cuffs, cunts, d/s, dildoes, discipline, discipline and desire, discipline spankings, domestic discipline, dominance, domination, floggers, floggings, gags, good girl, hairbrush spankings, hand spankings, hard spankings, harnesses, headspace, honesty, hot bottoms, humiliation, japanese rope bondage, latex, learning, leashes, leather, marks, masochism, nakedness, naughty girl, obedience, orgasm control, otk, otk spanking, over the knee, over the knee spankings, paddlings, pain, pink bottoms, playful spankings, pleasure, power dynamic, power play, punish, punishment, punishment stories, pvc, red bottoms, restraints, restrictions, riding crops, roleplay, romantic spankings, rubber, rulers, sensation, sense deprivation, sensuality, service, sexuality, sore bottoms, spank, spanking, spanking adults, spanking fetish, spanking stories, spankings, spanks, stinging pain, strappings, straps, submission, surrendering, surrendering control, switches, taken in hand, tawses, tawsing, tears, thudding pain, training, trust, warm bottoms, welts, whippings, whips, writing lines