seduced by beauty (_souri) wrote,
seduced by beauty


в первую очередь 2 ukihito, trickid, atrox, ну и to whom it may)

the uk</uk>
i had a sort of argument with one of the british species that proclaimed that brits don't look in the eye when talking to others.

what's more, the above said that if you do look a person in the eye it is nothing but the intention to take him/her to bed.

my personal opinion is that this is pure bullshit. but since my memory may well be fading, your наблюдения are most welcome)

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    my 17 year old is back with my future me. the sky is blue and high. the music is new and coming. этот журнал закрыт. оставайтесь друзьями) ‘said…

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    bells kinda woke me up today. bells? your mama's rich and your dad is good looking) so hush. little baby

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    sing when you're winning

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