April 13th, 2004


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i could say that if i want to ever learn to let go this is the way.
i could say all i want.

if only i knew what it is. if only i knew.
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    when everything's made to be broken

very personal

the difference is that when it doesn't come from above it has to come from me. can it come from me though. should it.

but then it can't come from me. it has to come through me. right?

and didn't i decide not to think any more. didn't i decide that i was going to concentrate on something entirely different. didn't i decide i was going to...

hey but what about everyone else. doesn't it get to people? people, doesn't it fucking get to you?

i'm sick. back to my teen diary.

just wake up)


"актеры меняются, но драма продолжается"
жизнь. любовь. смех. дар атиши

1. взять ближайшую книгу
2. открыть на двадцать третьей странице
3. найти пятое предложение
4. поместить его к себе в журнал вместе с этой инструкцией.