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my name is morgan. i’ve just moved from wales to here in the states.

i have no musical talent. i like to draw, but i’m not good. i’ve just turned 17. i’m thinking of quitting smoking, considering i can’t find anyplace bloody buy them.

asking the clerk in a very kind voice, i said, “pack of fags, mate?”. he looked at me quite oddly. the two young blokes behind me began to laugh hysterically. one of them said, “yeah, and uh can i get a box of dikes?”

confusion rapidly ensued.

i started to point at the counter behind that held what i wanted. he still didn’t understand. then from across the store i heard a voice yell, “she from england you fucktards! she wants some cigarettes!” “yes!”, i said excited. the clerk then understood and asked for some id.


i got points taken off a paper i wrote for writing color the correct way.

i believe my economics teacher is banging the girl who sits beside me. at least that’s semi amusing.

i suppose i should be thankful for all i have. blah.

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    my 17 year old is back with my future me. the sky is blue and high. the music is new and coming. этот журнал закрыт. оставайтесь друзьями) ‘said…

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    bells kinda woke me up today. bells? your mama's rich and your dad is good looking) so hush. little baby

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    sing when you're winning

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