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You who've been travelling so long

when you must leave everything that you can't control

Peter Sullivan
30 October
Character Profile for _the_league

Name: Peter Sullivan

Occupation: Priest and Prisoner.

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Physical Description:: 6 ft 2, 180lbs, dark brown hair, brown eyes. Wearing a ragged blue long sleeve shirt, gray pants, black shoes, and a small wooden cross hidden beneath his shirt.

Personality: Peter is an empathic man who cares deeply about his fellow man which in the past made him naive and trust people he shouldn’t have. After learning his lesson, Peter is much more secretive and reserved now. He is a gentle man with a quirky sense of humor who prefers to see the good in life, even through there is little good in his current circumstances.

Skills: Peter is highly intellegent in a book-wise sense. He has a firm belief in god and has experience in dealing with the supernatural, namely demons. Peter also has some knowledge of mystical rites but he rarely uses these abilities, preferring to guard such knowledge from evil forces. After being in prison and doing manual labor, Peter is physically strong and he has had to learn how to fight to defend himself.

Weakness: While he is book-smart, Peter is not street smart. In fact he is too trusting of others which will always be his downfall. Peter prefers to try and talk people out of violence which will put him in harms way when these talks fail.

Brief History: Peter was born to Irish immigrants in New York city where he grew up and as a teenager he was involved with a rough crowd. His mother, being afraid that he son would find himself in prison if he stayed on such a path, enrolled him into a catholic school where he met Father Francis O’Dea. Peter was so inspired by Father O’Dea that he soon turned a corner in his life and became a studious and devout young man.

When Peter was 22 he entered the priest hood and joined Father O’Dea in his missionary work, traveling throughout the middle east and Africa. He soon learned that there was more to his kindly old friend than he knew when Peter learned about African mysticism his mentor. Father O’Dea passed onto Peter much of his knowledge about these so called pagan rituals as well as secret information concerning a mysterious relic.

While they were still in Africa, Father O’Dea contacted Malaria and quickly passed away but not before he instructed Peter to return to America. He told Peter to go to Louisiana to find a woman who knew more about the relic. Honoring his friend’s last request, Peter traveled to Louisiana and met Rosalie Delamater, however he was not there long when he was tracked down Moriarty’s associates. A man named Charles Gosett was the one who originally questioned Peter, having him tortured in order to find out what Peter knew of the relics. When Peter wouldn’t tell them, it was Gosett who arranged to have Peter sent to Australia and kept in Fremantle Prison, telling Peter that he’d only be freed if he gave them what they wanted. Peter has been at the prison for four years now.

This journal is that of an original character for the RPG purposes, this is not based upon any living person.

Infomation links: Catholic Encyclopedia

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