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I don't want no Spaghettios!

We can't buy more time, cause time won't accept our money.

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I am the ambassador of fucking-kick-your-assador
Quirky? Nuts? Weird? Freak? Most likely yes. But Im BUCKING proud of it. So shut up. Im 87 years old. I come from the edge of the mars. I get around. Country/planet wise. I have a USED STARSHIP thats parked at the ACADEMY. You know, its by the LAKE on the planet MARS? Do you ENVY me? I live, die and bleed for 30. I have a drug. Its very addictive. Its called gigging. You should try it. But Im allergic to fan girls. I keep sneezing a lot in concerts if there are any. Dont come close to me if you like to scream and cry when you see Tims hair. And I do have a life that doesn't have to do anything with any band. But pretty much it comes down to sports or music. Other than that theres school. But Im there just to play with computers.

15, 23, 4, 42, 540°, 777, 8, 815, adam pascal, aleeda, andy irons, angel dumott schunard, animal, anthony rapp, australia, banzai pipeline, barrio, billabong, blade, blade 2, blade trinity, bloodrayne, blue crush, boricuas, boxing, broadway, cars, charlie, compton, cory lopez, dane reynolds, dominic monaghan, driv3r, driveshaft, eddie aikau, ehukai beach park, eva mendes, evangeline lilly, extreme pie, garden state, girlfight, haleiwa, hawaii, honda, idina menzel, import cars, jaime o'brien, jate, jater, jeanne d'arc, jesse l. martin, jessica biel, joanne jefferson, kahea hart, kahuku, kalani robb, kate/jack, kate/sawyer, keala kennely, kelly slater, la tijera, laney beachley, latinos, leon, lizard, los angeles, lost, low riders, malibu, mark cohen, marvel comics, matthew fox, matty liu, maureen johnson, mazda, megan abubo, michelle rodriguez, milla jovovich, million dollar baby, mimi marquez, movies, mp5, music, musicals, natalie portman, need for speed underground, new york, new zealand, nine plus, nissan, north shore oahu, o'neill, oceanic airlines, op, oxbow, pac sun, peta, pitch black, point break, puerto rico, pupukea, quiksilver, reef, rent, resident evil, resident evil 2, resident evil 4, resident evil: apocalypse, rip curl, rochelle ballard, rodger davis, rosario dawson, roxy, rules of attraction, rusty, ryan reynolds, s.w.a.t., samka, samoa, scooby doo, severe, shea lopez, shivs, simmone mackinnon, skate, socal, sofia mulanovich, sola, south brooklyn, starfish, straicase, street racing, surfing, sydney, tahiti, taye diggs, the texas chainsaw massacre, theater, tom collins, toyota, tracie thoms, video games, vin diesel, waimea, waimea bay, wicked, wilson jermaine heredia, young bloodz

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