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I don't think there's anything more fun than a forward slip...I did a fantastic one today down to 31L at RHV in N50975.

The rest of the flight was spent at SJC shooting touch-and-goes. I did my first simulated engine out in God knows how long, and I also did a full-stop landing on 30R at SJC. Freakin' sweet!

Next two flights...

-I take a friend on a "dawn patrol" flight; we're going to see the sun rise.

-I take the girl I like on a baytour/flight down the coast. Excited? Hell yeah!
KC-10 Approved!!

Wow, perhaps I should update!!

Well, what's new, you say?

-- Love...A little over a week ago, I actually told I girl that I had a crush on her. No shit. Those who know me know that I usually never tell girls I like them Why? No idea, that's just how I roll. She's a total cutie, a true sweetheart. Oh yeah, and she likes me too, which makes everything easier.

-- Work...I smoke waaaay too much hookah. My excuse: stress kills you too, and hookah de-stresses me. I still work six nights (!!!) a week. All is well though; many customers love me (some of them hot girls) and I have fun with things. Today marks 7 months with the company.

-- Flying...I have been flying more! Flown to Columbia and Watsonville so far, planning a Santa Barbara trip this summer too. Next flight (wx dependent) I plan on taking off at 5am or so and watching the sunrise; I got the idea from a friend of mine. I am also taking the girl I like on a scenic flight; she should really like that. Tradewinds also has a new flight ops manager (yes, I have been tempted to go back) and we also have a "new" 2004 C-172S (N21679) and 1973 PA28-200R (N5021T); the Arrow makes me smile. Cannot wait to fly it!

-- Health...I have lost about 15 lbs and I recently got a Medical Certificate 1st class. Nice to know I am not terribly unhealthy.

Tonight's the night!

-SFO nerd show
-"Love's Hangover" party (Sun. Morning).
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KC-10 Approved!!

San Jose Intl Airport Airborne Express DC-8 - FedEx DC-10 United Airlines 727 July 1999

San Jose Intl Airport Airborne Express DC-8 - FedEx DC-10 United Airlines 727 July 1999
"San Jose Intl Airport Airborne Express DC-8 - FedEx DC-10 United Airlines 727 July 1999" on Google Video
July 22, 1999. Late PM freighter action at SJC on a mild July day with medium winds...1) N848AX DC-8-61F(LD)taxis onto 30L--watch the smoke trails when this jet rotates. 2)A UAL 727-200 'smokes 'em' onto 30L. 3)DC-10-30CF with it's distinctive 'whine', of FedEx as N321FE ready for departure. 4)A pure beef UPS 757 unk reg,ready to go.5)N315FE "10-Heavy" on final to 30L as the UPS 757 departs. 6)N753AS, a Boeing 727-22C Charter America for CAT-and VERY few pictures of this jet on the 2 main airliner websites 7) Emery 10-Heavy N68042 and ex-Continental Airlines bird...leaves last on this clip. The freighter action at SJC is a lot different nowadays!
KC-10 Approved!!

Stupidity occurs.

I went out with a friend tonight. When I got back to my car, I noticed all the doors were unlocked.


I then noticed my flight bag was gone.

Ooooh shit.

Further searching showed my silver hookah box (containing tobacco, gromits, lights and coal) was gone too.


I don't get it though. My HOOKAH was still in its bag, yet the tobacco was taken. Also my stereo wasn't taken, nor were the CDs.

I just feel like a class-A moron for getting my flight bag stolen; it's probably the number one most important thing I own.

Hopefully I get a call in the morning from someone saying they found it.
KC-10 Approved!!

All Hallow's Eve spook flight

Being a pilot is cool. =]

Yeah buddy...this Halloween was pretty bitchin'!

Tradewinds arranged a "spook flight" to Hollister (3O7)...most of the people signed up bailed, but six people ended up going. I originally was going to fly with a friend but, of course, I get the "I'm not going to make it" call (which sucked), but I ended up finding someone to fly with me. You can almost always count on someone wanting to go on a fly-in but they either (a), can't find an open seat or (b), don't fly (sometimes it's a and b).

The flight down was GORGEOUS. No clouds, just clear visibility. No other traffic (aside from the usual airliners headed to SJC), just me and my pax in N53614 buzzing south with the other bird in the spook flight, N748SP.

Anyway, the whole point (and the reason for the bitchin' Halloween) was this corn maze located right by the airport. There was also a haunted ranch, which was very well done! Corn fields are creepy regardless, and when you have a "haunted course" within a cornfield, it adds to the creepiness.

They also had a pumpkin slingshot...VERY fun. =]

The flight back to Reid was also nice...it stayed clear (thank God) and again, no other birds aside from the two SPs. I flew a nice stable approach to 31R and touched down nicely too. Always a good thing!
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